Thursday, November 18, 2010

Softly Rain

It's raining and we need it again, our tanks were down to half and the black soil was beginning to look a little like the Grand Canyon and I am not exaggerating. Huge cracks were appearing all over the yard.  So last night it began to rain, softly at first and we hoped it would continue for the night.  It has and now at 11am in the morning it is still coming down.  I love this rain.

Everything looks clean after rain, it smells so good to.  The grass is greening nicely and the back paddock above is beginning to less thorns and prickles and more grass.  We've thrown seed and mowed and done all we can to reduce the damage done by the previous owners horses.

We are discovering so many plants flowering away now in the spring, we never knew they were there before.  Hidden away just a mass of green and now covered in blooms, strange and pretty.

Last night when I stood on the deck, just enjoying the rain splatting on the roof and the smell of the dust damping down, I looked into the pool.  You can see the fence that's required around all pools in Australia, and what did I spy with my little eye, yep another snake.  A small one a brown, and they are as poisonous tiny as fully grown.  It was swimming in the pool, trying to get out I would guess, they don't like the cold and it was probably washed out from the surrounding rocks.  I went down scooped it out, and Adrian crushed it.  Then this morning he found another one on the bottom, not dead but exhausted.  We had to kill them, they are just too dangerous to have near the pool.  Some months ago we found about a dozen or so in a nest under rocks.  We've removed the rocks and are clearing everything from around the pool.  The beauty of Australia is great, so are the dangers unfortunately.
So while I love the rain, some of the wildlife doesn't and it is letting us know.
Summer is beautiful here.  It is hot, dry and sometime hard to take.  But the rain oh the rain is wonderful.  The sounds the smells the change that comes after.  I love the gentle rain and the storms and thunder.  Do you?


  1. Your photos are beautiful - I can almost smell the rain.

  2. It looks wonderful there, your rain sounds wonderful, we have had snow falling and blowing for three days, temp at minus 17, its very cold letting the dog out early in the morning. lol.

  3. What beautiful photos you took. Yes, I agree about the smell of rain. Nothing like the smell of the air when, after a long dry spell, the first drops of a storm dampen the earth. Umm!

    Will Elle be here tomorrow?

  4. kim, your yard is just beautiful. hope you are able to have a couple of weddings there sometime in the future... gorgeous. have a great day with the little princess today. xo


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