Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fridays with Elle

Hi again everyone, well don't the weeks fly, especially this time of the year, what with Christmas only a few weeks away now.  I'm excited, this is my first Christmas and I can just imagine how spoilt I am going to be.  Not that I am complaining now, no I'd never do that, but I can't wait.  Nanny always does a good Christmas lunch, in keeping with the hot summers we have here, she does nice cold dishes.  Prawns, salads you know that kind of stuff, well so she was telling me cause it's all the same to me this year.  You know how it is I'm on a diet you know, yep milk only and water.  Mum said I will be having some solids soon.  What is that, I have no idea, solids, hmm doesn't sound that great to me. 

Anyhow I was having a nap at Nan's on Friday and she took this shot of me, seriously that woman has a problem with the camera.  She never puts it down when I'm around.  Addicted I think she is.  Oh do you like my sherpa boots, Nan bought them for me when I was first born that's like nearly 4 months ago and of course being the petite little angel, (her words not mine) that I am they only just fit now, sweet hey!?

There will be a time in the not too distant future, when I will be able to stop my Nan from taking this kind of photo of me.  Really what would you do if you were just laying around chilling out, and all of a sudden you realise you can blow a few bubbles.  It feels kinda nice you know wet and sloppy and well it's new and I was just enjoying this new found talent and all of a sudden snap there goes that darn camera again.  One day I will get a snap of my Nan having one of her nanny naps, with her mouth open and little bits of drool dripping out, that'll be payback don't ya reckon.
This Friday was a bit different cause Pop came home early and he was in time to give me my bottle.  He is the funniest guy ever you know.  I don't know what it is but every time I see him he is grinning up big time.  Yep a grin from one side of his face to the other.  Nan teases him a bit, she says he is just a big sucker for me.  I believe it to, cause he loves to suck my toes, well not really suck you know kinda nibble at them.  And he loves to pretend he is gonna eat me.  He makes these funny growly noises and pulls funny faces and tickles me.  Yeah it's fun I admit it, and he's really cute with all his funny grey hair.  So I guess he'll make a good pop.  He made my brother Lucas a toy box and decorated it with space men and moons and stuff and now cause Lucas isn't here any more Mummy took off those stickers and put on some rally pretty butterfly ones and flowers too.  So I guess pop made the box for me too.
See what I mean, tickle tickle tickle.  He is crazy I tell ya.  But I love it.  Pop what are ya doing man.  I'm pretty pleased with my Nan and Pop and my aunties.  They looked after me last Saturday and they said I was a little angel.  I know Lucas is a little angel so if I'm one too that must be a good thing hey!  They love me and spoil me too.  I think it's easy being a baby in this family.  Everyone here tells me all the time I am so special, I am so pretty, I am so cute, hey it's hard not to let it go to my head.  But don't worry I am a sensible girl, I'll keep a handle on it I promise.  Anyhow till next week everyone.  Bye for now.   Love Ellexxxxx


  1. Oh, Elle. I think you have gotten to be the most wonderful angel. You are a great writer. I am sorry to tell you this, but Nana will never stop taking those pictures. So, just be a good kid and put up with her antics. Love your picture blowing bubbles. And Pop's tickle, tickle is just wonderful. Talk to you next weekend. Will you ask Nana why people in your country celebrate Thanksgiving?

  2. Kim I am so happy that little Elle is in your lives, and that pop just adores her. this brought tears to my eyes. your love pours through every word. hugs my friend. life is great.

  3. loving the spit bubbles...she's such a doll...sweet pea, she is.

    thanks for sharing these wonderful photos of her.

  4. Hello Mountain Thyme,
    actually here in Australia we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. We don't do Halloween either though that is becoming a little more of an interest in the last few years. We just have Easter, Christmas and of course we have a few national holidays like Anzac Day and Australia Day.
    Thanks Cinner she is bringing us so much joy
    Hey Se'Lah I love that nickname you gave her Sweet Pea very appropriate.
    Nana she is an angel to be sure.


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