Monday, November 22, 2010

Spoofed, Hacked and Merry Christmas to You

Okay I am trying my very best to calm down and relax right now.  Not doing very well I might add.  See I've been spoofed, so they tell me, someone has somehow gotten into my gmail account and been sending emails to my contacts and retrieving all the emails I should have been getting.  So since like Thursday maybe I have been in nowhere land.  Let me tell you it is an awful feeling.  Knowing that someone has gotten into my personal stuff it's just awful.  Earlier this year I had about $30 taken from my credit card by someone overseas, I managed to get it back because I had paid through paypal luckily.  Another time someone used my credit card to buy something and I had to get the banks fraud squad to retrieve this for me, not a huge amount but just the same.  Then just a few weeks ago the same thing this time a little over $200 I also got this back thankfully.  Now my email account, really what is going out there in cyberspace.  A land for geeks and hackers and nerds and thieves to manage somehow to creep in and do whatever they want.  So if you received some bogus email from me telling you I have just bought and apple notebook then I didn't.  Please forgive me I don't know how they manage to do this.  
Right now I wish I could get that person and well I won't say what I'd do....but hey I am trying to relax I said didn't I.  
The most wonderful things in my life are family, and my garden, look what I found this little guy on top of his world.
Alicia asked me to get a very normal little photo together for her so she could send out her family Christmas card.  What do you think of Elle's little christmas outfit, I adore it of course.  What a cutie.
I have to admit I am not very good at staging people for portrait sittings.  I much prefer the informal, spontaneous, candid shots. like this one, ha ha gotta laugh at that.
I don't have a great imagination for those great shots you see of people doing great things, hanging or standing or whatever I don't know I just can't think of things like that.
There is one little girl though who knows how to stand out in the crowd.
Precious isn't she.


  1. That just irks me Kim.....why do they do these things, I think I did get an email but I just deleted it.....I hope you have no more trouble. the pic I like the best is where they are laughing and just having fun. They sure make a nice looking family. what a blessing for you. Hugs, don't let them cyberhacks get to you. love to you.

  2. Great bug shot:)

    Too bad about the BAD bugs..

    And I love the Black and whitew/ Elle in Red!!

  3. Adorable child! So sorry to learn of your hacker issue. I hope it is resolved soon. The image of the bug on the tip of the bud is amazing.

  4. yes I got an email from you that I thought was weird I meant write back to you to ask if you sent it. another of my friends just had the same thing happen to her hotmail account last week. I haven't been on line much as my notebook also got a virus and cant even boot it up now and I need to rebuilt the thing from scratch. It bad when people use your credibility to try to sell stuff.
    BTW: Santa's little helper is adorable.


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