Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Long Long Long Time Ago

Last night Adrian and I went to a new wine and tapas bar that has opened in town, actually the same one we went to for Ashleigh & Danielle's 21st dinner.  It was Friday night around 6.30pm and the place was abuzz with after work drinkers and TGIF celebrators.  We got our beer and wine, found a seat at one of the bars and people watched, don't you love doing that.  Perving, sticky beaking, ear wigging, really it's voyeurism at it's best, right out there in public.  So there we sat, checking out the younger ones.  In walks Little Miss Pink Shoes with her entourage.  A brief stop at the door to survey the place, a quick wave and wink in one direction another more animated grin and wave in another.  Okay she's happy, so in they come.  Following behind is Booby Flasher, tanned beyond belief, long dark hair nicely coiffed and like I said boobs a flashing.  Trailing and looking a little intimidated by the whole thing is Nicely Dressed Ready To Party Not Sure How.  Straight to the bar, order cocktails, grab the nearest available bar seats, which luckily are right in the middle of everything, how lucky.  Now prowl.  I watched all of this and laughed to myself that was me 30 years ago, OMG was it that long ago!!!!!  
A different era, different bars and hangouts, but basically the same m o.  Enter, survey, order, place yourself, scan.  Yep done it a million times.  Actually the picture above is of the girls I hung with as a teen, except Debbie I didn't like her after she cheated with my first love.  Kill the girl, NOW!! I am over it really.  I am guessing I am about 16 or 17 here oh to be that thin again!!!!

Well LMPS and by the way her shoes were to die for, hot pink patent leather, with the thinest, highest, silver heals, Alicia would have tackled her, torn off the shoes and done a dash.  Add them to her tally of 85 pairs already.  Anyhow LMPS has ordered them some gorgeous red drink, decked out with a fresh lychee stuffed with a cherry, I wanted one, right now. They do the compulsory check of their mobile phones, you never know there could be some earth shatteringly important sms they have received since they finished their primping and preening and left home.  A few quick button presses and then back in the hand bags they go.  Chattering, looking round the room, prowling.  Well it's not long before the beasts begin to circle their prey.  First one and then another wanders on over and after the first necessary sniffs, they are allowed to take up seats. I smirk, been there done that, haven't you.  Actually I was doing the sniffing and stalking of Adrian.  I knew as soon as I spoke to him that he was THE ONE for me and even though at first I'm not sure he knew it, I did not give up.  1980 New Years Eve found us together at the Oakey Army Base Sergeant's Mess.  I'd done my luring, my enticing and it had worked.  Yes that is a ciggy in my hand I had vices back then okay! Actually a friend of his had asked me while I was working at the hotel, if I would go out with Adrian.  It was after football training and the guys would all come in for drinks.  I mouthed off that if Adrian wanted to take me out he'd have to ask me.  Poor Adrian sunk to the floor, apparently he hadn't asked the mate to ask me.  Ha Ha!!  Anyway I knew sooner or later he would.  
Back to last night, BF is in full swing, smiling, leaning forward giving an even better view of what she obviously sees as her best assets.  By the looks of the guys I think they agree.  NDRTPNSH is watching it all, taking it in and looking nervous and wondering if she is gonna get a look in here.  LMPS has finished her first cocktail and is on her second, I so wish I could be around to see her by 10 o'clock.  
A sense of Deja vu comes over me, oh for the good old days, maybe!!??  BF is just getting her second and NDRTPNSH is still sipping away on her first.  The beasts have leaned in and LMPS is following their lead.  I can't help but grin at the sexy eyes she is making and the soft as silk voice she is using, hunting tactics down pat.  She is a pro at this.  I'm pretty sure I did all these things and then some to catch Adrian.  Catch, hmm not the best image there is it.  He really does love me, he always has, really he's never felt trapped or caught, Hey honey have you, really have you?

The years have rolled on but last night reminded me of the old days, I was gonna say the good ole' days, but I'm not so sure now.  I can envisage myself in hunting mode and eeww I'm not sure I like it.  My friend Sandriene and I were both married here and out with our husbands for Adrian's birthday.  Year around 1985-7 so I am about 24 to 26.  Such a baby really.  I remember this night clearly, one of our favourite restaurants, way to much booze, taxi's home and probably a massive headache the next day.  Anyway I guess the hunting worked, it's been over 28 years and the beast (Adrian) never got away.  I hope LMPS, NDRTPNSH and BF find the right beast in the end.  Hunting continually would be exhausting, really it would!  

Anyhow I enjoyed watching, I enjoyed remembering, I laughed to myself, how there really isn't anything new on this earth, not really.  We are creatures of habit and the prowling will continue I guess.  Some will find the right beast, statistics say many won't.  I wonder how my own daughters will sniff out the right beast for them?  I really don't want to watch that, no I don't.  I'm glad Alicia found Paul and Paul, Alicia a match made in heaven.  Oh that's us too isn't it, a match made in heaven, oh I like that!!!! So where are you now, prowling, sniffing, hunting?  I'd love to come watch.  


  1. Cute photos.. :) The first one is adorable..

  2. Monique really I laugh when I see this such long hair and now so short.
    Char I love watching.

  3. I am a watcher too, and half the time I think oh no, not that, what I have found alcohol makes for very strange choices sometimes....glad I am long over that phase. but here is to the 80s. it was fun.....loved your story.


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