Sunday, October 3, 2010

So Delicious

Ashleigh and Danielle will be 21 on the 11th October and they won't be here as I have said before.  So Friday night was their pre 21st dinner.  We all except our little Sweet Pea Elle went for dinner at the newest restaurant in town The Olive Branch.  It lived up to its reputation and the meals were superb.

 How darn proud do you think we were surrounded by the people we love most in this world, and how gorgeous are they all?!!!!

Even I who detests having my photo taken succumbed and smiled away like a tool.
Anyway to the food. oh my goodness it was amazing.  Ashleigh had the Beef Cheek below as an entree and said it was delicious and all the girls had the crispy duck for mains.  I sampled it and I have to say scrummy.

I devoured the scallops, breaded and served on sauteed leeks in a second, gosh they were good.
We asked the poor waitress to take our picture and of course the lighting is dreadful. Oh well!!

Deserts were yummy too.  Danielle and I shared the Jaffa brulee and Alicia and Ash had one of each of these and shared.  How could they I was stuffed.

I love these family get togethers, and now with Elle as well, they just get better.  So in a few days my babies, yeah right will fly off to the States.  Spend their 21st sky diving in Vegas and who knows what else they will get up to.  What a blast they'll have.  Oh to be 21 again.


  1. I loved the pictures, your family is so beautiful, I love your photo...speaking of love your header wow...have a great rest of the weekend. take care.

  2. Good for them..You're only that youn once..great family pics..

  3. Oh, my what a beautiful family you have. And a growing one. I so enjoy looking at the pictures of Elle.

    I am like you. Just got back from Spain and luckily, there was only one picture of me. I am not ugly, (not beautiful), but have only taken a handful of pictures in my life that I liked....even a little bit!

  4. What a gorgeous family you have!

    I love the new blog layout! So fresh and clean.

  5. Cinner, Miss encourager again you are so sweet really
    Thanks M
    Jamie thanks I wanted a change glad you like it

  6. looks like you had a wonderful time. congratulations to danielle and ashleigh. yep, to be that age again and have done what they have done, so amazing. must be down to their wonderful mum and dad. xo

  7. you make me laugh...tool is one of my faovurite words...your family is beautiful, as are you!!!


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