Friday, October 1, 2010

Time to be Happy

Whoever is happy will make others happy too.

It's true isn't it, a little like that saying, if Mumma ain't happy ain't no one happy. If you're miserable most likely those around you will feel that way too in time.  If you are happy it's kind of contagious.  It is, I know I can hear a baby laugh, that little gurgley giggle they have and I just can't help but smile, then I find myself laughing.  And there is a gift to being happy most of the time. I really think there is, it's easy to be miserable, down in the dumps, a little sad, not quite with it, a bit grumpy.  Well it is these days, the things around us, the economy, work prospects or lack thereof, crime, poverty, war, dishonesty, all these things can overwhelm us.  To be happy is harder, it takes effort, we have to find the good, look for the positive, grab it, hang on tight and get happy.  
I know with the loss we suffered last year I wasn't able to find the happy.  I literally did not feel happy for months.  I tried to be happy, I smiled, I laughed even, but I was not happy.  I pretended to be.  And it didn't work.  So how to do we get happy?  How when perhaps our circumstances aren't great, our lives seem a mess, we don't feel like we are ever going to get on top of things, how then do we be happy?  Hey I'm sorry I don't have any clever answer, I wish I did, truly I do.  I went to my doctor, a wonderful man who was in his own way grieving with us and I cried, I sat and I said hey this is not me, I am not happy and I've never felt like this before, please help me.  He did he talked to me, he sat with me, held my hand and let me be and then he treated me.  Not drugs, but a way of setting things right in me again.  It took a little while but it worked.  
It took time, to heal and to feel happy again, really happy.  I met new friends in the amazing blogging world, who even though we had never met face to face were able to offer comfort and friendship.  I still talk with them, I love them for their empathy and their time.  I allowed myself to grieve however it happened and I took time out to just be.  The quote above was said by Anne Frank.  Can you believe it someone, a young girl hidden away for years knew this secret.  How many times was she sad, afraid, lonely, maybe even feeling a little crazy locked away.  I wonder if she got happy so others would be happy.  She certainly had every excuse to not be happy.  

I've been in her house, I've stood in those small rooms and I have thought hard about how she felt.  I don't think I have it in me to be happy in those circumstances.  But then I think hey Anne said that, and if she this young girl knew that secret, then maybe I should remember it too.  So many sad people around and maybe, just maybe if I am happy I can help them be happy.  I won't fake it, I've tried it doesn't work, it's like sugar substitute, kind of sweet but with a bitter after taste.  But I will allow myself those times to be sad, to grow and walk thorough those dark valleys then I can truly be happy on the other side. Life is the best teacher, in all things, good and bad, I want to be a better student and help others too.  What about you can you share, care and love.


  1. You are helping people feel see your turnabout is as inspiring as it can get.
    Your doctor sounds wonderful..How did he help? He sounds divine.:)

  2. Well said, I often though happiness to be contagious, sometime I have believed that one good thing happening to me will cause a snowball effect and make me happy again. For me I just had a light bulb moment a decided to accept where I am, and stopped waiting for happiness to find me. Instead I went out to look for it and I think it starts in the form of accpetace of ourselfs and situation we have no control in and making good decisions about the things we can control.
    I've discovered on my journey that life doesn't have to be perfect for you to be happy.

  3. What a journey you've had. I hope your journey to happiness continues with few bumps.

  4. That sweet and thoughtful Se'lah. I am so very glad that she sent you to the swap! So? Have I actually visited yet and told you how thrilled I am that you are playing along with me in the swap? Well, I am. I'll be sending an email in an hour or so. Yay! Thanks so much for participating. Blessings to you, my friend. ~ Relyn

  5. Monique he is wonderful and he got me started on seratonin uptake inhibitors, working great.
    Liss it is contagious isn't it.
    Jamie thanks I hope so too


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