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I know you've met them before, but here once again are my twin daughters, on the right Ashleigh and the left Danielle.  As you can see they are in the US at the moment.  We gave them a choice, a 21st party or a trip back to the states to see some of the places they didn't on their last visit in 2008.  They of course chose the trip who wouldn't and here they are.  They started in LA where they landed and today they are already on there way to VEGAS!!!!!  They have booked 3 nights at the Bellagio Hotel in a Penthouse Suite and they will be picked up at the airport by a limo.  Talk about doing it in style.  They plan to skydive over the desert, similar to what they did in Switzerland and of course have it recorded and on a DVD so I can turn green with terror not envy when I watch it.  Where they get their bravery from I don't know.

I posted this shot a few days back of the three girls together at Ashleigh and Danielle's 21st dinner before they left.  Proud proud proud that's all I can say.

See they have always been brave.  No way would I sit with a snake round my neck, but these two yep they would just have to have a go.  Having twins was for me a life saver I think.  Sounds a little dramatic I guess, but I was really smothering Alicia, our eldest daughter.  So it probably saved her too, though she would have disagreed a while ago.  She wasn't at all happy about having two sisters show up at the same time.  After all she had been the very centre of attention for almost 6 years before the girls were born.  Needless to say Alicia wasn't very impressed.  But having the girls, well it made me be a little more disciplined, I had to have a routine.  I twin fed for 6 weeks, yep both together at the same time.  What was I thinking!!!!!!!  Actually it worked well, I woke which ever child was still sleeping if one was ready to feed.  For those of you who are hard core demand feeders, sorry but get over it really.  I would have had a baby awake 24/7 if I hadn't done it that way.  It worked well, for years the girls woke at the same time, were hungry at the same time and even went to the toilet at the same time.  Yes truly they did.

We had a placenta check done at their birth and we were told that it was 98 point something percent that they were identical, what do you think?  They are mirror image twins.  Danielle is left handed and Ashleigh is right.  Ashleigh is older by 2 minutes but weighed 8 ounces less than Danielle.  Trivia I know.

The girls have never spoken some secret language or finished each others sentences.  I hate that and so do they.  While they were tiny I dressed them the same or similar maybe a different colour.  But as they grew they really wanted to be individuals and we encouraged that.  Ashleigh has a more laid back personality while Danielle is very much like Alicia and quite prim and proper.  Ashleigh has always been the clown, causing problems sometimes at school, but she is very funny.  Now Danielle has a great sense of humour very dry.

Note the same clothes, honestly the girls are gonna kill me for this oh well.  Mothers choice.
It has been an experience having twins, amazing seeing them become their own people and wonderful to see the bond, whether they know it or not that they share.  They have each others backs always.  They never need to fear being alone, the other part of them is always there.  They travel together so well, but have seperate friends.  They work in similar jobs but like to have that personal space.  They know each other very well, but they don't cling.  
They are delightful and the joy of my life.  All my children have been my life.  Sometimes I think now that they are grown and with Alicia being a mother herself now, what have I done with my life.  I stayed home by choice to raise the girls, now they are gone I have missed the boat a little with regards to the work place.  50 in January doesn't read well on a resume along with worked at home for the last 26 years.  But then I look at my girls, they have travelled, worked, bought and sold and bought again cars and houses.  They have married well, given birth, grieved and celebrated.  They all support each other and love each other and now we have our angel Elle.  Maybe my time has been well spent after all.

Ashleigh suffered through 18 months of braces to become absolutely gorgeous, but it was difficult at times.  Not that she wasn't beautiful anyway, but you get my drift.  They are determined, strong, reliable, well most of the time, honest, oh except that time they wagged school while Adrian and I were in Israel, hmmm thought I forgotten about that didn't you girls?!!!! And Danielle forged my signature on the absent note.  Huh I never would have thought it possible.  They have tormented their big sister with clowns  a morbid fear she has, I did say they got on didn't I?!
They have been bridesmaids for Alicia, as in the picture above.  So they must actually get on. Just kidding girls!!!!!
They have played the clown, more than once.  They have brought us joy, and wonder, and laughter, and tears and so much more.  They are remarkable young ladies and we wish them a HAPPY 21ST today.
We love you and are proud of you now and always.


  1. What a beautiful tribute to two very lovely girls. I hope they have a wonderful time on their trip.

  2. Don't you agree that being a mother has to be the most fabulous thing in the world? Poor men, they only get to be fathers.

    Hope your girls have a wonderful safe trip in the USA.

    By the way, I wore the exact same color for my daughter's wedding that you wore for Alicia's wedding. Beautiful picture of you and the twins.

  3. sooo cute...a nice journey through their lives.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY A & D !!!!!!

  4. You're a very lucky girl, you know ! I guess your twins will love your post ... as soon as they read it ! This US trip is a fabulous present ! Wish I was 21 again ... ;o)
    Have a very nice day
    Kisses to share with Adrian

  5. Oh sniff...what a beautiful post. What beautiful girls, and they sound smashing from the way you describe them. 3 wonderful girls in your life, and now a 4th...four blessing...!

    Happy 21st to A&D. xx


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