Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Sunday Drive

A Sunday drive today took us firstly to the new farmers market in town, and then to this beautiful garden.  It is a part of the Australian Open Garden Scheme.  Throughout the year different properties are open for inspection of their beautiful gardens, and as this one was created in black soil like ours, we thought we would go check it out.  Black soil is notoriously hard to grow in.  It holds the water like a sponge for weeks after rain, so any plant that doesn't like wet feet, won't like black soil.  It dries out on the surface quickly and cracks and the weeds on our property love it.  Since the previous owners had several horses, we have been tackling weeds ever since we moved here at Easter.  My vegie garden of which I had such high hopes a few months back, has taken way longer than I first anticipated.  Weeds, weeds and more weeds.  Today we may have found a solution, not to the weeds, but to laying out the beds we want to create.  Things are looking up.
How adorable is this?  Really I love it, paved walkways, and raised beds, I think this is the way we'll go.  This garden is made into a series of rooms, like this vegetable garden room and then the photo above is a relaxing reading room, just off the verandah, it's gorgeous.

Of course there is a water feature, what garden is complete without one? 

Lovely meandering walkways on all sides and even an outside shower, yes seriously, cheeky aren't they!

A really beautiful setting.  The peace and quiet is wonderful.

Old fences, old tools.

Beautiful Roses, can you smell them?  Aahh!!!!
Speaking of beautiful.................

What do you say!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous hey?!  11 Weeks on Tuesday 19th October, when do you stop counting in weeks!?
Hope you Sunday was wonderful also.


  1. Babies and gardens..What could be lovelier?

  2. Princess Elle has the most beautiful eyelashes and eyes. She's a winner, all right!

    Lovely, lovely pictures of that garden. You can tell the pride the owners take in their home and garden.

  3. What a beautiful setting, I like the idea of raised beds, those roses gorgeous, and your granddaughter oh my not enough words to describe how beautiful she is, I could just watch her sleeping for hours, so wonderfully peaceful. my Sunday is just starting over here...looks like it will be a nice day. hugs my friend.

  4. so very endearing...look at sweet pea...soooo cute. thinking of you all.

    love always.

  5. So fun to see the spring gardens in your neck of the world. I did a Sunday drive too - but mine was full of fall leaves.

  6. So many beautiful images. Of course, the last few are the most beautiful of all.


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