Friday, April 23, 2010

Seeing with new eyes


Lens Us Together asks us each week to post a pic of something to fit the word for the week.  This week it is about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.  I noticed this lady standing in my front garden just last week.  She is stretching to the skies, tummy flat and bottom firm.  She is quite brazen really, no shame at all in her obvious nakedness, confident that the agapanthus at her feet will distract our eyes from her form.  I have a giggle every time I see her.

Wandering around in the last light of the afternoon yesterday, I came across this little guy.  I knelt quietly and carefully beside him, barely touching the leaves around him.  I was surprised he didn't hop quickly away.  I moved the branches again, to get a clearer shot, he still sat perfectly still.  I was waiting for him to scoot off and then suddenly I realised he was dead.  I was sad, I love frogs well green ones, little ones, cute ones, not horrible cane toads.  Poor little thing, I'm not sure what happened to him. 

Oh and this guy, there are quite a few of these guys around the gardens.  I was leaning in close and saw him rolling this round thing in his front legs.  I thought it was eggs or something and only realised when I was editing the photos that it is a ladybird.  Oh poor ladybird.  He should have flown away home.

An update on our vegie patch.  You can see the dead prickles and weeds quite well now.  We have to scrape them up so that the seed doen't reshoot next spring.  It will be a huge job, but really exciting to think of what we will grow next.

This is one of our other paddocks, it's larger than the vegie garden and I'm not sure what we will do in it.  I also want to grow flowers, roses, gerbras etc., so at the moment we are just killing the weeds.  So exciting to think of what we will get up to in the next few years.  It is really strange to me, this house is smaller, older, somewhat outdated, it has spiders, snakes in summer, lots of messy fallen leaves and heaps of work to do and I LOVE it.  The design of this house is a little like another we have owned twice actually, so it feels familiar and like we belong.  We are getting a vision for the gardens we want to build, aside from the vegetable gardens.  We love designing and planning gardens and we can just picture some great areas here.  I wonder if this will be the final destination for us, well at least for a long time rather than just a couple of years.  Who knows but I am enjoying the journey right now. 

Oh and we are off to France in 8 days can you believe it, so please volcano with the name I can't say or spell, please stay quiet, please.

My mum arrives this afternoon, a spontaneous decision and it will be great to see her.  Alicia is having her 26th birthday today.  OMG I am gettin old...!!!!!!!  She is in the hospital having her weekly treatment and is about 23 weeks now.  Very exciting.  I am going to visit with her of course and give her our gifts in the ward.  She constantly amazes me with her strength and determination, they will make great parents her and Paul.  Another wonderful thing to look forward to.  So have a great weekend everyone.  Bye


  1. I saw your lady right away:)

    Poor froggie..

    ~Such great patches of canvas for you and gardens..

    Enjoy the birthday..your mom..and..

    Love the excitement in your words.So happy for you.

  2. oh fun with the trip and the visit. nature can be very sad too, can't it?

    great shots though

  3. Your photos are gorgeous, and that tree in your own yard. fabulous. It is so funny when things we have seen a hundred times suddenly look so different. Have fun, take care.

  4. hello my friend, it's looking so beautiful over here. enjoy the time with your mom and the b-day of your girl.

  5. Your vegie patch is going to be so great when you get it going.

    Happy Birthday to Alicia, she is a brave woman and deserve much happiness for all she has been though and continues to go though. It will all be worth it.

  6. Happy days for you Kim... soon you head to France. Traveling mercies and have a fabulous time!

  7. Thanks everyone, it is exciting so much to do and I love gardening so looking forward to it. The birthday girl had a lovely day spoilt as usual.


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