Saturday, April 24, 2010

7.02 am 23rd April 1984 Alicia Brenda Kath came into our world, Adrian called her his little ray of sunshine.  That has always been their song.  Yesterday she turned 26.  She spent the day at the hospital having her infusion.  This will enable her to give birth to a healthy baby in late July, early August.  The tragic events of last year are behind us, well as best they can be, I wonder if we will ever really move on.  Somehow a little piece of our hearts have been taken.  Those bits are with Lucas, they will always be with Lucas.  So Alicia had a birthday cake provided by the nurses in the infuson room.  We sang happy birthday and she ate cake.  Paul gave her another beautiful diamond ring.  Three more diamonds, she is a lucky girl.  She woke to Oriental Lillies her favourite flowers in the bathroom, she said the scent led her to them,  we love these lillies.  She had them as her wedding flowers.  He also gave her some things for her little laptop.  She was spoilt.  We gave her vouchers for a facial and nail and toe nail treatments and a baby massage.  They have this really neat pillow that you can lay in with your tummy not being squashed so she'll enjoy that.  Her friend Renae who had a baby last year round the same time as Lucas was born sent her the flowers.  She is having another baby again too, so finally they will have their babies together.

This time last year we left on our trip to Europe.  It seems like yesterday in so many ways and like a lifetime in others.  Next Saturday we fly out and head to Kuala Lumpur for 12 hours.  Then on to Charles De Gaulle in Paris.  So let the good times roll.  Alicia and Paul know the sex of the baby but aren't telling us this time, they want some element of surprise.  So I will be buying white clothing in Paris for this baby.  It is exciting.  Mum is here today and we had a wonderful barbecue breakfast on the deck overlooking the pool.  A duck flew in and had a swim, must have been cold he didn't stay long.

So have a lovely Saturday.


  1. Oh, I am so excited for you for your trip. How wonderful! I wanted to tell you that I meant what I said before. I do pray for your family. For healing and for good health. And for the new baby, of course.

  2. Alicia looks really well and even has a baby bump.
    It sound like despite being in hospital she has a wonderful day.

  3. Hi Kim

    your daughter is wearing the radiance of pregnancy. I wish her well and I wish you a great holiday, lucky for you that the airs are clearing..

    happy days

  4. She's precious:)Enjoy all this good.

  5. I'm happy to learn that everything is OK, this time ...
    I've just published a new post ... It's for you ! ;o))
    Have a nice sunday to... See you soon ...


  6. You have a beautiful, beautiful daughter. Congratulations on the impending baby. And best of luck with everything--trip, health--all of it! :o)

  7. I wish you all well and hope that you have a fabulous holiday :0)

  8. Thank you everyone, I so appreciate all your kind words and best wishes. Ijust love knowing you all at least a little bit <3


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