Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lunch time at the Manor

It was, as I said yesterday, Alicia's birthday on Friday 23rd and it seems she is having one of those never ending birthday parties.  Dinner with girlfriends on Thursday night, presents from family and adoring husband on Friday, dinner with more friends on Saturday night, lunch on Sunday, always one for doing things bigger than big our girl. 

Here my mum, Ashleigh, Danielle and Paul all get in on the act.  Paul's parents took everyone out for lunch at the restaurant/reception centre they own.  We had the place to ourselves and it was a lovely lunch out.  The Preston Manor has been open for about 18 months now.  They built it from an old farm house moved onto the property, along with the chapel and the tiny chapel/office.  It is so popular, only holds about 90 maximum seated in the chapel and a little over 100 in the restaurant.  The inside of the chapel is absolutely gorgeous, leadlight windows and views over the valley.  It is becoming an extremely popular place to have weddings and receptions.

Above is the main chapel

One of the gazebos for photo opportunities

This is the smaller chapel, used as the office or a changing room for the bridal party.  It is so cute.

And on a totally unrelated note, Adrian taught me how to ride the rideon mower on the weekend.  It was terrifying, ok maybe not terrifying, but seriously freaky.  I thought at any moment I would be tipped off.  Every little slope had me eeking out loud and of course my ever helpful daughters were on hand with the camera to catch my most delightful facial expressions.  None of which will ever be posted here by me, so forget it, you will have to get your laughs from elsewhere today.  I was even extremely selective about posting this shot, at least from this angle you don't get a real good shot of my fat tummy and white legs.  But I was quite proud of my efforts at mowing.  Adrian did say I was rather random, hey I find it a little boring mowing in straight lines and when I see long grass just over there, well that's where I head.  So needless to say he had to redo a tiny  really weeny  ok a portion of my patch again.  I enjoyed myself eventually, when I realised I was not going to end up legless after falling under the mower.  I'm sure  I will master it eventually.

Oh and only 4 days till lift off.   Yee ha!!!!!!


  1. Beautiful family:)Thanks for all the info and the tractor photo.
    Again I cannot stop saying how happy I am for you.

  2. Thanks M,
    it was fun learning to ride ha ha, gotta try every new thing I can these days. Thanks for being so happy for me.

  3. What a gorgeous family you've got Kim!
    Counting down with you.
    Safe travels my friend.
    one love.


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