Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Butterfly Wishes

Butterfly Wishes

Yesterday a butterfly
Came floating gently through the sky.
He soared up through the atmosphere
Then drifted close enough to hear.

I said, "I'd love to fly with you
And sail around the way you do.
It looks like it would be such fun
To fly up toward the summer sun.

But I have not your graceful charm.
I haven't wings, just these two arms.
I've been designed to walk around.
My human feet must touch the ground.

Then magically he spoke to me
and told me what his wish would be.

He said, "What I'd love most to do
Is walk upon God's Earth with you,
To squish it's mud between my toes
Or touch my finger to my nose.

I'd love just once to walk around
With human feet to touch the ground,
But I have not two legs that swing,

I haven't arms, just these two wings."

And so we went our separate ways
In wonder and surprise.
For we'd both seen God's precious gifts
Through someone else's eyes.

Author Unknown
I adore butterflies and one of the things that makes me smile most here in this new home is the number of butterflies flitting around.  Dozens of them everyday, all different kinds and all so pretty.

These wings are like stained glass aren't they, so beautiful.


  1. Wow how truly beautiful, loved the poem too, maybe the beautiful butterflys are there becausee of your lady tree. lol. have fun.

  2. Stunning, simply stunning!

    These photos are amazing. Thank you for sharing them and the poem!

  3. absolutely beautiful.
    keep an eye out for me ;)


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