Saturday, May 1, 2010

Au Revoir

I am feeling so french right now, not that I can speak more than two words, or understand how french women stay so thin but hey I am going to find out I promise.  And I'll let you in on it I swear!!

Actually the secret to eating thin is in this absolutely divine book.  Oh my goodness this is like a trip to Paris in a paperback.  I want to live there, well maybe, I must say she did have a very hard time fitting in for a very long time.  But the way she tells of the museums and the streets, oh I cannot wait to get there, which by the way is not long now.  Actually we leave in 3 and a half hours on the Greyhound and then in approximately 9 hours we are out of here all together.  Thrills of excitement up and down my spine.  EEEEE!!!!!!!!!!  Anyway back to the book.  You just must read this.  The thrill of moving to Paris with a super lovely Frenchman is just too much for me, really what is it with this country everyone is France mad!!!  There isn't a blog with a French title, or flavour that isn't devoured and followed by hundreds, me included.  I will honestly give you my absolute most unbiased opinion over the next month, I will take photos of the real deal ok and then you can judge for yourselves.  Is this crazy mad love affair we all seem to have with France warranted?  (Secretly I think it will be)  But let's wait and see.  The recipes in the book sound wonderful too, I am yet to try any as I have not really had time lately, not to say they seem terribly difficult they don't, so I am absolutely giving some a go when we return.  Well worth a visit and a trip in your mind to Paris this one for sure.

The girls and Paul and Adrian took me out for breakfast this morning for an early Mother's Day pressie.  I also received a huge hammock, that we will put up on our big deck.  And a book voucher at my favourite online super bargain book store.  Talk about spoilt.  It will be funny to come back and see how much bigger Alicia's tummy is.  So everyone Au Revoir for now and I'll chat from gay Paris very soon. 


  1. so exciting - i hope you have the best time ever.

  2. so excited for you. i am so glad you are still posting.

  3. i have so wanted this book! love love


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