Sunday, May 2, 2010

We arrived this morning at about 5.45am. The lounge we were able to use in Brisbane was the Qantas Lounge. It was fantastic. Serve yourself everything, soup, hot snacks, cheese, crackers, fruit and wine and soft drinks and beer. I seriously believe that after our first Business Class trip we were sold. It would be difficult now to go economy. The excitement of the holiday begins when we get to the airport. We slept fairly well the seats laid back and after the 3 course meal they served us at midnight, seriously!!! we got in a good 5 hours sleep. KLIA is huge but quiet. A little motorised car takes us to the Pan Pacific Hotel, it is beautiful. I had a bad headache so we slept for a few hours, hopped up went and had a hour long full body massage and then a swim.

The temp here is about 26 to 27deg C and it is really muggy. Of course I am dressed in a long sleeve shirt for the cooler weather we are heading too and we aren’t going to far outside the air con. We would like to come back I think this would be an interesting place to visit. We had lunch the huge burger you see is Adrian’s and I had a chicken burger delicious. Tonight dinner is provided for free all part of the Business Class ticket. So tomorrow we will be in France be sure to join us.

Now we are in the Malaysia Airlines Business lounge and it is the best yet. It’s huge, and has a buffett and a fridge full of ice cream like Haagen Daas think that’s how you spell it, oh and they make Mohito’s on request so of course we are sitting here enjoying one. Oh boy this is the life.

Oh I saw these shoes to oh my goodness they are stunning, Alicia this is better thank Bangkok, dearer I’m sure but these were to die for seriously.


  1. These photos ooze glamor and sophistication.

    Lucky you! Enjoy your trip!

  2. wow - what a way to get spoiled! fabulous

  3. pretty snazzy...i do hope you have a fantastic trip...every step of the way.

    thinking of you.
    one love.

  4. Fabulous start to your trip!


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