Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Our first real french coffee waiting for Gretchen in the airport.  French phrase book in hand what a tourist.

Finally we are here.  The first part of the trip a 7and a half hour flight to Kuala Lumpar and then 18 hour layover before another 12 and half hour flight to Paris. We arrived at about 6.30am and waited for Gretchen to arrive at 9am, really exciting to see her again.  Then the bus trip to the Opera Paris wow life changing, hysterical and seriously I was waiting for the candid camera guys to jump out when the bus driver jumped out of the bus and began to move road blockades so he could drive down the street.  Then he was stuck between a fire truck and someones car, so out he hops and begins to move parts of the fire truck that were in his way, I am not kidding,  Everyone on the bus was in hysterics.  We hopped off the bus in one piece and on to the metro then to our hotel.  The Hotel Duquesne right at the end of the park at the Eifelle Tower.  We put our bags up stairs and went in search of food and drink and when we looked up this is what we saw right from the front door of our hotel.

 Oui Oui this is my front yard for the next few days how wonderful is that!!!!

Lunch, Croque Monnsuier and some nice red wine it just doesn't get much better than this.

This is the sunrise over the Ukraine as we woke this morning wow this is a beautiful world.


  1. OMG - how beautiful the view!!! loving this journal of your adventures.

  2. I am so enjoying this trip! The start was amazing, and now to be in Paris with a lovely Croque Monnsuier is beyond wonderful.

    Many thanks for sharing this trip!

    Savor each moment!

  3. crying...happy tears.
    so beautiful and
    so happy for you.

    one love.

  4. OMG I'm so excited. I just want to be there with you. Your images bring back memories of my time in Paris and make we wish I could see this beautiful city again.

    I feel your excitement. Lap up every moment of this trip.

  5. What a journey you are having already! I love your description of the bus driver! What a hoot. I hope your whole trip is magical from beginning to end! xoxo Gigi

  6. Oh it sounds heavenly. have a fabulous time.

  7. Croque Monnsuier or Chicken Parmi???
    Missing you already! Make sure you see the Eifel Tower at night, its so pretty! xoxooxoooxooxx

  8. I can see that your french trip has really begun ! I love this kind of croque-monsieur ! You're gonna have plenty of time to taste other french specialities ...
    Have a nice, nice trip !
    See you soon ( = À bientôt !)

  9. so very gorgeous! i agree- what a beautiful world.

  10. It is great being able to post and I am trying hard to do it at least every 2nd day time will tell.


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