Thursday, May 6, 2010

Escargot and raw egg pizza

When we left for this trip my daring twins wanted me to try escargot and frogs legs, no way was I going eat garden pests, but last night I did it.  No I didn't go all the way, frogs weren't on the menu but escargot was.  Gretchen my buddy from the US ordered a plate and after watching her force herself to eat them I decided I would join her.  So much to the delight of her and Adrian I indulged in a chewy little morsel from somones garden.  Dripping garlic and hot and black I quickly snatched it off the fork chewed a few times and washed it down with a nice red.  How anyone can say they love these little guys is beyond me.  But I did it and I am glad I did 'cause now I never have to do it again.

Today, Wednesday we headed out to the St. Chapel and Notre Dame, we walked over ourselves yesterday and wandered round the area.  Found a great Brassiere and had the loveliest chicken in mushroom cream sauce and bottle of red.  Then today we went inside the buildings, truly beautiful.  My feet are sore, I have pretty well mastered the metro and rer and ordering Vin Rouge is really easy.  I must say the French red is much nicer than the Italian red we had last year.  I can see that I will really need to hit the pavement when we get home, this place is all about eating, the windows entice you in and I just can't say no.  Oh well we are on vacation.

This was the pizza Ade had for lunch today, the egg in the middle is raw, yep totally raw.  We think it was probably just put on top of the pizza as they were bringing it out.  If you know Adrian you know he does not do raw eggs so it was quite funny to watch him work with this.  My pizza was the same but I folded it over and the heat mostly cooked the egg, hey just have a go I say.

This is some of the patterned walls inside the St. Chapel.  Absolutely beautiful.  15 emormous panels of stained glass depicting the entire bible. 

These are inside and out of the St. Chapel. what an amazing place.

Tomorrow we head off to the Lourve, stay tuned and hopefully we will have some more to share.
Au Revoir


  1. I actually LOVE escargots ... and Sainte-Chapelle ! ;o)

  2. An amazing place, indeed. Wow.

    You are a brave woman, eating snails and all.
    Enjoy your trip, my dear.

  3. SO GLAD YOU HAD A SNAIL!!! I don't mind them and the picture of the ones you had actually look pretty tasty :) Beautiful photos of Sainte Chapelle and I think it is the same place as Ash and I were sitting in our look freezing!! xoxox

  4. Fabulous Kim! Maybe there was not enough garlic on the escargots??? LOL. I think other than the texture one only tastes the flavors used. Keep posting. I feel like I am there. I LOVE FRANCE!


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