Thursday, May 6, 2010

Let's Walk

The Eifelle Tower at my front door and the Notre Dame and Saint Chapelle a short metro ride away.  Truly the things dreams are made of. 
We have walked miles already and are off to the Lourve today.  The the Eifelle Tower to go up this evening.

This beautiful avenue of trees leads from almost across the street from our hotel to the Eiffel Tower.  The parks in Paris are typically gravel easy to maintain and keep clean, yes what you have heard about the doggy droppings is true.  We have seen a few but not so many to bother us.  But cleaing the gravel would be much easier than cleaning grass.

  The architecture all round me is stunning.  I am walking round with my head spinning just trying not to miss anything.  Tripping over things because I am looking up always.  The absolutely stunning Notre Dame oh my goodness.

The Rue Cler is just a block from us and the fruit and flower stalls are just eye candy.  The smells of the breads from the boulangerie and pattiserie's mouth watering.  How do these people stay thin I would be the size of a house in no time. 

Oh and we saw our first French protest, from what we are told this is quite common.  Not where we come from, no large rowdy protests are allowed, so this was very exciting.  It was the anetheasists (spelling) protesting pay we were told.  Adrian stood on a bench to get a photo and the police came over to take his camera so I quickly asked what was this protest about, mind you this is in my very worst attempt at french cause I seriously cannot speak french and the police officer was so amused he told us all about it.  Then smiled and waved us off.  We have seen a man in handcuffs led from the courthouse, the police stopping a fight on the street, this protest and a police man taking the papers of a gypsy beggar outside the Notre Dame.  More action than we see in a lifetime in quiet old Toowoomba.

Yes it is really cold and windy and Ade is wearing a really dorky beanie.  His ears were freezing.  I think this is the exact same place Ashleigh and Danielle took a picture when they were in France last year.  This is Pont Neuf just a little way from Notre Dame and Sainte Chapelle.  We also went to the Musee D'Orsay yesterday, and I don't think we are very artically inclined.  The artwork was from some of the greatest in the world.  Van Gogh is there at the moment and we liked some and not most.  The building itself is amazing.  An old train station it is beautiful. So we are off to the Lourve today, I'll share later. Au Revoir mon ami's.


  1. We loved the D'Orsay and all the Monet's there. We gained appreciation for VanGogh in Arles, where he lived and worked, of course there is not ONE actual painting of his there but many depictions and many are not "dark" like so much of his work. I hope you make it to Arles later on???

  2. Fantabulous! Looks like you are having the time of your life over there.

    Thinking of you. Happy Mother's Day!


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