Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So a big sigh I have the internet and it isn't just from some little hole in the wall that I have to pay heaps for, so to say I am a happy woman is an understatement.
At the moment we are in Bayeux near Normandy.  We have just come home from a group dinner and it is 10.30pm.  Anyone who knows me will know that I would have been groaning having to eat after say 7.30pm but hey when we are in France, we do as the French do.  We start eating later and we certainly finish later and it is an event every night and you know what I could really get used to this. 

So where to start ..... ok above  here we are at the Arch De Triomphe and I actually walked the stairs to the top.  It is wonderful, the most incredible view of the city of Paris by day.  But those stairs nearly killed me!!!!!!!  We didn't stroll along the Champs-Elysess we were told it is really expensive and to be honest we were starving so we caught the Metro, from the Lourve to the Arc De Triomphe and then had lunch in the Latin Quarter.  Seriously I could eat in this country for ever.  Mind you I had lamb chops in an Irish pub in a village in Brittany. So when I am  homesick I just get some fries and something remotely Aussie and well that will have to do.

The architecture her is amazing and I will post pictures when I get home in 3 weeks but for now I will just post the odd really nice one that I have liked.
Rue Cler in Paris the market street nearest our hotel for the first few days.  This is just a sample of the flowers available every morning fresh for the market, can you believe it!!?

The fresh food is simply fabulous, we just don't get this quality of market anywhere near where I live.  It is wonderful to think that going to the market is an outing, social and contact with neighbours and friends.  That is what it is here, especially in the smaller towns we have visited.  An opportunity to meet friends, to think about what is going to be eaten tonight and how we will cook it.  Not a chore to be endured or eventually avoided and a take out bought instead.  The whole market experience is wonderful. 
We gathered a group of people from our tour and we all stood in the freezing wind and bought tickets to the very top of the Tower.  I am totaqlly afraid of heights, but hey who doesn't want to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower?!  So we queued and man oh man it was so worth it.  We chose to go at night and I do think it was that much better.  It is fairyland, beautiful truly.
I find it hard to believe I have been to the top of the Eiffel Tower, got out and not been left a cringing ball banging my head on the wall in the corner.  I know that's what my kids thought I would be doing, huh see girls I can do anything really I can!

Talking about markets, way back when, well we got off at the Citie Station Metro and found the most lovely flower market and these oh so cute Pinocchio puppets, how cool.
When we went to Notre Dame we found the coolest Carosel outside the Town Hall, also known as the Hotel De' Ville which of course threw us off, we were looking for a hotel not a council building.

The Goddess Diana, the goddess of hunting in the Lourve I think!!  Seriously not having the time to upload my pics and label them is terrible so I will correct that asap if I am wrong.  Marvellous artworks everywhere here!!!
Hopefully tomorrow after our trip to Normandy I will have time to collate and post some pics I love, until then Bon Appetite and Au Revoir.


  1. France looks beautiful. Oh and that fruit, I want to taste it.

    Way to go for reaching the top of the Eiffel Tower.

  2. If you've had the feeling your not alone that's because I am enjoying France with you.....Now keep those photos comming....


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