Thursday, May 13, 2010

France in 11 days

Mont Saint Michael oh what a beautiful little island and what a church.  This view from the top was amazing.
This amazing view from our bedroom window in the evening, can you believe it!!!!

Paris and the heart of France in 11 days, what can I say it has flown.  It will come to an end tomorrow night after dinner back in Paris.  So I want to share just a few photos before then.  In the Loire Valley on the Loire River a few days ago we ate our blue cheese and bread, drank our red wine and apparently looked very french as the people strolling by, all spoke to us in French.  We smiled, nodded and we laughed when they did and we passed the test apparently.

The day we spent wandering around the beautiful Chateau De Chenonceau was a day well spent.  From the fabulous Chateau to the 16th Century working farm and flower garden what a treat.

A kitchen filled with the utensils used centuries ago and the flower garden provides flowers for the rooms.

Beautiful furniture and it is easy to imagine the lifes lived by the wealthy occupants of this incredibly beautiful Chateau.

France an amazing place come back for more tomorrow ok.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Especially that view from your bedroom...the way it glows. very cool.

    Enjoy my love.

  2. Just gorgeous, I am so sorry it has gone by so quickly. enjoy every moment. take care have fun. love the pink flowers.

  3. Delicious, all of it is just so juicy and wonderful! Thanks for sharing this trip with us - it's been so wonderful to journey with you!

  4. Love reading your blog... did you buy a farm house??? LOL The food, the wine, the views, the people... I would LOVE to live there. I feel very much at home in the south of France. Perhaps because my ancestors came from there and my cousins are still there.... I MISS IT!


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