Monday, August 23, 2010

Kitchen Day 8

Day 8

I know you are probably thinking why on earth does she have birds in her kitchen.  Well I love these little fat bellied guys. I told you a while back I am just beginning to collect them and I have 2 of the silver ones and 2 gold as well as this one and a sweet little black headed one I must show you later.  My kitchen has a high surround around the bench and these two sit there looking out over the table.  The little gum nuts are from one of the many trees surrounding our property, I love them they remind me of little clay pots.  The tiny green nuts would flower first and then turn into the little pots.  So there you go a lesson in the life cycle of a gum tree flower. Ha!  I don't want a kitchen that is solely for cooking and cleaning. I want every room in my house to have things I love in it.  Whether it's a photograph, a piece of art, some colour on the walls or furniture or even fat bellied birds, I want to be able to see things I love wherever I look.  Hence the little birds in my kitchen.

Now for someone else I love.......

I adore this picture the sweet little smile on Elle and the adoring look on Alicia's face.  There is absolutely nothing more heart stirring than seeing your daughter with her baby.  I can remember Alicia as a wee little girl, a head of hair like Elle's only thicker, tiny rosebud lips, sweet little eyelashes oh it takes me back.  And now I have the absolute pleasure of watching her raise and love and dote over her own little baby.  My heart feels good today.....

And just to prove she does open her eyes here she is pulling a face ha ha!!!  Still the most gorgeous little button around, no bias of course.


  1. she is beautiful! and to hear you speak such beautiful words about your daughter, warms my heart.
    i wish you all love and many blessings.


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