Sunday, August 22, 2010

The 7th Day and a book review

This is not in the exact theme of 30 Days in My Kitchen, but this book certainly was in my kitchen this morning.  I had laid in bed riveted to the last few chapters, not daring to put it down until the final outcome was known.  
A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini.

Danielle bought this book in the UK in 2008 and I have had it here waiting to be read for that long, why I didn't read it sooner I don't know, I wish I had.  I totally enjoyed The Kite Runner, but I must say this book has left it's mark.  What a profoundly moving story.  The strength of the two women who star in this novel is amazing.  The courage and the love that sees them through no end of difficult and life threatening situations is startling.  When I think now that even today there are women subjected to this treatment my heart bleeds.  That men could do this to the women they have married is beyond my comprehension.  To live a life of fear and constant harassment is too much for me to consider.  I thank God that I do not have to be treated in this manner, nor fear that my children, all girls, will suffer like this.  But to have known love like they did is also wonderful.  That even in the most desperate situations that love carried them is such a marvellous thought.  I know the book is a work of fiction, but it was so easy to be totally caught up in the lives of the people portrayed.  Each one has left a lasting impression on me.  I know many muslim women now living in Australia and I am wondering how many of them have lived through the events in this tale.  Many of them have come here as refugees so I will assume that some have suffered the degradation forced upon women in these countries.  But this sounds like the book is depressing, it is not.  It's underlying strength and beauty is the truth that love comes through.  It comes in many forms and suffers many ills, but true love lasts forever and cannot be destroyed.  Khaled Hosseini has written a powerful story of the everlasting strength of true love.  I devoured this book in 3 days which for me is something, I tend to linger over the pages.  I could not put it down I think most everyone will enjoy the tale of Mariam, Laila and Tariq.


  1. Mmmn...loving book reviews. I think I may have to pick this up! thanks!

  2. I loved the Kite Runner but have been putting reading this one off, after reading your review, I think I need to move it up my reading list

  3. Jamie you will love this book it is if I can say it better than the Kite Runner which I also loved. Lynn I'm no expert I just know what I enjoy and what I don't and this was amazing.


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