Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 9 In My Kitchen

Another pepper corn image, I have to admit I really like taking these macro images, I have obviously texutred this one using Kim Klassen's textures, she really has some delightful textures, actions etc., so do go visit her please.  And of course once again as I ponder this shot I get that sense that there is more here than first meets the eye.  

At first glance it is just a bowl of peppercorns.  But after longer scrutiny I see the little red corns popping out.  Not many of them and they are grouped in only 2's or even singly.  Like us isn't it, if we appear a little different we are generally alone.  We might have a friend or two, but we don't have that swarming crowd that seems to surround those that are alike.  At school we have to fit in, be the same as the cool kids, at work we have to have the same intellect or financial status to be accepted by the majority.  At playgroup or kindy we have to have children that are equally as advanced or as cute as the others do.  REALLY do we have to!!!! 

No way be different, stand out in a crowd, be proud of your differences, your individual talents, your ability to be seen.  I so used to care what other people thought, for a long long time I just blended, I had to be part of the group my husband and I were in and I denied who I really am.  I changed myself to fit into this group and I have to admit I lost a lot of who I was.  Last year I stepped out, I decided that who I am as an individual is more important and far more wonderful than who I was in this group.  Now I am discovering gifts and talents and blemishes I had kept hidden for nearly 13 years.  How can you fix something if you have hidden it, and does everything slightly off centre need to be fixed?  I don't think so actually.  
So go ahead give yourself permission to be a red peppercorn, I think they are kind of cool don't you?


  1. Love this! May be my favorite in the series. The textures really pull it together.

  2. Loving this series of kitchen macros, Kim!


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