Thursday, August 12, 2010

Short & Sweet

This little cherub was running down a lane in France, near the fort in Verdun, if I remember correctly.  I have said before I love pics of people from behind and she was just so darn cute.  I put her in a photo stream over at flickr, focussing on Black & White prints.  I know she isn't totally black and white but the washed out kind of sepia look suits her don't you think?

And my favourite collectable items at the moment, well apart from baby clothing and anything girly for my beautiful granddaughter Elle, are little fat bellied birds.  I love them.  Don't know what it is exactly but I have a few now and I just smile when I look at them.  They aren't expensive and I love the vintage appeal they have.  I have textured this one's photo once again with Kim Klassen's textures, she is amazing I know I keep saying it but it's true.  And totally unrelated it is freezing here today.  They are forecasting gust of up to 90 klm's  an hour, oh my that is strong and the wind chill factor is like freezing whatever it is.  So my intention today is to stay inside, make some headbands for Elle, cook something, iron, yuk I hate ironing and maybe head up to my studio and do a bit of scrapping.  Hmm lets see just how much I get done. 


  1. You know I love those little birds. I see them everywhere. I really like yours and Kim Klassens backgrounds are wonderful. One day I will have to learn how to do that. I have Corel but don't know how to do layering etc. maybe this winter. take care. love the little girl shot too.

  2. The texute on the bird picture really suits. It's fun to paly around and learn new things in photoshop you just need the time do so. I also the the photo of Elle in the last post uning the coffee shop action.

    Keep warm, if it makes you feel better it was only 12 degrees and stormy here today. brrr!

  3. Thanks girls, Cinner try and make some time to learn it it's so much fun. Liss you are right very time consuming ha ha but I love it. Isn't that CoffeeShop action fabulous really soft and pretty


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