Friday, August 13, 2010

Breaking Dawn - Review

I know I said after reviewing Eclipse, the second in the Twilight vampire trilogy, that I probably was not going to read Breaking Dawn, but I broke.  I was intrigued and yes I was drawn in by all the hype over these books.  You gotta believe me this is not really my style of book at all.  I like to think I read intelligently written, thought provoking, memorable stories, written by authors of significance.  But I am sorry, well not really sorry, to say I was sucked in.  Actually I really, really enjoyed this last book.  The tension between Bella and Edward before they get together on their wedding night was palpable.  And oh my I long for a night like that, sans the bruises of course.  I do like the way Ms. Meyer writes her love scenes, very gentle and somewhat appropriate for the teens and tweens who are so drawn to her novels.  They commitment of the Cullen family to Bella and of Jacob to protecting her and then the new arrival (can't say too much or I'll spoil it) is lovely.  And I guess if you look at it this way then the willingness of the sworn enemies to put aside their lifelong and eternal differences to safe and protect each other is quite wonderful.  So I admit it I really enjoyed this novel.  I went to see the movie version of Eclipse not long after finishing this book and was very disappointed.  I am rarely happy with the movie rendition of books I read and the Eclipse movie was no different.  Actually I wish I hadn't bothered.  I have heard they intend to make Breaking Dawn into a two part movie, oh please do us a favour just don't do it.  I know everyone is crazy about Jacob and there is a fan base for both the boys and Bella.  I know all the kids will be hanging out to see the movie but they are just so lacking after reading the novels.  It isn't even the acting though that is only fair, it's just the whole transition from word to picture.  Yuk yuk!!  So with that done, I am now reading a Home Made Life by Molly Wizenberg, totally different and full of delicious recipes and heartwarming stories of her life.  I'll review soon.

Here are my puppies, well Ashleigh and Danielle's pups, Missy on the right and Boston on the left.  Their having a sleep over at Nan and Pop's how sweet.

So remember join me from Monday if you want to, take 30 days of shots of things from your kitchen.  I need this and already I have started in case I get caught out one day.  It is interesting looking at everything in the frame of a picture.  Please tag along and let's see what we come up with.  Happy weekend.

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  1. i read the first book and couldn't get into it...i think i may be only person that doesn't like the series.


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