Monday, August 16, 2010

30 days in my kitchen


Ever had a day, a week maybe, where stuff just happens, things go wrong, nothing goes right!!!!  Looks like my friend here has too ha ha !!  Today I begin the task I set myself to take a picture every day for 30 days, right in my own kitchen.  I wanted to just make myself be committed to taking a shot every day and I wanted it to be somewhere I could access easily.  That way I would have no excuses for not following through.  I also needed to have something to focus on other than the star in my world at the moment Elle!!!  I want to train myself to see things too, things that would actually make a decent, hopefully photograph without it having to be some grand statue or amazing scenic shot.  Just finding the interesting in the ordinary.  I'm not sure I will succeed every day, but I want to at least make a start.  So join me if you like, I'd love it.

My biggest let down is time management.  I find it hard to settle at the moment and actually begin and complete something, anything.  I have a million ideas zooming through my mind, a list a mile long of things mundane and yet necessary to do and I just am unable to make any headway on them.. Oh I did iron last week and actually finish my baskets, Yeah for me!!!

I never used to be like this, I am a list person, I start and finish everything, well I used to be, lately I am a procrastinator.   Ughhh!!!! I hate the word, what am I going to do.  I get up make my tea and head for the computer.  I read and respond to my emails, I go blog hopping, there starts my demise for the day, the hours drift by.  I think oops I better get something out of the freezer for dinner, back to the computer edit some shots, think oh I better check the mail.  Wander up to the mail box, pull some weeds on the way back down the drive, 2 hours later, where did that time go, back to the computer finish the photos, oops some emails have come in.  Read them, respond, can you see where I am going here?  Okay so from today I am going to get serious.  Regain some routine here, really I am.  Any suggestions, really how do you all manage to get everything done.  I don't work, so I should have ample time, my girls are living away from home now, so I can't blame a full house.  My husband is amazing he never complains if the floors are vacced and the ironing isn't done.  so what do I need to do to get organised.  Seriously somedays I just wonder where and what I have been doing.  HELP!!!

Ok so little madame here may have been a bit of a time waster lately.  She looks chubby cheeked here hey?!  This is a headband I made for Elle last week.  So easy and this was just a quickie to see if the size was right.  She looks so sweet.   sigh!!!!!!


  1. What a cool challenge! Can't wait to see the results

  2. Elle is cuter every day. Post MORE photos!!! Or do you have a separate Gma blog??? :-)

  3. LOL! I'm all over the place like you, yet the computer calls to me constantly. I work on the computer all day, but there never seems to be enough 'project' time. on weekends I'm up really late, blog chasing in the quiet. Your granddaughter is gorgeous!! :-)


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