Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In My Kitchen and Citizenship

Day 2 - In My Kitchen

A cup of tea first up is a ritual for me, it is usually a home brewed Chai Tea with honey and made on water with a slurp of milk added.  Not the traditional way I know, normally it's brewed on milk, but I just find that a bit heavy especially first thing.  So water and honey is the way I go.  I have once again used a Kim Klassen texture here, my tea cup is not dirty ha ha!!  And that in itself has taught me a little bit about applying textures.  Be careful where you use them.  I quite like the look of this but if you didn't know you could think I was just a really bad housekeeper.  

Really exciting news yesterday my African friends Taban and Jane sat for their Australian Citizenship exams.  They were very nervous, especially Jane who has completed her 500 hours of English tutoring at the Tafe college, but still has trouble reading.  I have seen such an incredible improvement in her speaking ability over the last 12 months, but reading is still so difficult.  So for her to sit at a computer and read the questions and press the correct button to mark her answer was so daunting for her.  But she jumped in any way and we are so excited that they both passed.  They came from the office and were jumping up and down shouting we passed our citizens, we passed our citizens.  So cute.  I had Kimmy with me and she was applying lip gloss and checking herself out in my mirror compact, while we waited for the test to be done.  We ended up jumping round too, and this is all in the middle of the largest shopping centre in Toowoomba so we looked quite silly.

I know this is Kimmy's birthday cake, but I want a happy celebrate picture, so here is Jane lighting the candles, we could say it is their Australian birthday couldn't we.  Now Jane can safely travel back to Africa to see her ageing mother and her sisters.  I am ecstatic.

So what exciting thing is happening for you today?


  1. yay for wonderful celebrations!

  2. How exciting, it must be such a relief for them to both get it. I am very happy for the celebrations. hugs.

  3. it is a huge accomplishment for them. Considering when they arrived a little over 3 years ago Jane could hardly speak a word of English. I am so proud and happy for them.


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