Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I have finally set up a flickr account.  I see so many people have these little flickr buttons on their pages and I have dropped in to view a few of the sites, there are some incredible photographers, crafters etc., out there.  I wanted and need to be inspired and taught and I figure one of the ways will be to have some photo groups to post too.  My photostream is limited at the moment I don't really just want to upload a million of my travel pics there, so I am deciding still which way I will go.  Will I put up albums of certain groupings, hmm not sure yet.

I did post the pic on the left yesterday, in a group, under the type, itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny.   It was raining here, lovely by the way, but cold and I had a poinsettia sitting on the deck.  When I moved it I noticed it was speckled with dozens of teeny tiny raindrops.  So sweet.

I find it quite amazing what I see when I am really looking.  I am having trouble deciding what to photograph too, so I am setting myself a task.  I will start Monday 16th August and for 30 days I am going to take photos of things in my kitchen.  No flowers, even if they are there, which they often are, I am going to limit myself and challenge myself to find at least 30 different things to shoot from my kitchen.  I have some ideas floating around already so I am a little excited to be honest.  Do you want to join me?  I am thinking of things like, some fruit or veg when I cut it.  Spices, teacups, real close ups, macros of items that are really just mundane and ordinary and see if I can make them a bit more interesting.  So join in if you like, I think it will be interesting.

Guess what it is 4.15pm on Wednesday as I type this and I haven't been to see Elle today.  I can hardly believe it.  I have to restrain myself or the kids will be putting up the electric fence to keep me out.  I had been to visit every day since she arrived home up till yesterday and decided that today I better just let Alicia have her own time with my baby doll.  I am going to make her some little headbands though.  I'll show you if they turn out ok.  
I know here I go again, but I am displaying this pic of Elle to show the action I got and used from The Coffee Shop, it's called Faded Dreams.  I love the soft peachy glow it gives Elle.  I think she's smiling don't you?
Anyway join me in the kitchen shoot off if you like and let's see what we find.

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