Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Promised

So I promised I would give you all a break from my favourite person of the moment, Baby Elle so that's what you are getting ok.  Don't know how long this will last but I'm trying not to be like one of those people who come back from their holidays with 100,000 photos to show you.  You know you drop over for a quick chat about their time in France say and you are stuck for hours trying to feign interest in the 5 photo albums of snapshots they've taken.  Pictures of the people on the tour, who you don't know and never will, shots of the busdriver, and the mountain track they walked, the tour guide, the coffee they drank on the way to some other great site.  Arghh I think I may have actually been that person too....oh no!!!!

So instead of the beautiful baby I am totally enthralled with at the moment I will dazzle you with a little photo editing.  Ha ha!!!

Can you see the difference, I have added some textures to the second shot, all from Kim's Cafe, I am not as good at it yet as she is but as they say practice makes perfect.  So bare with me.
I just love fiddling and I am a bit pedantic about the whole thing so sometimes I get a little carried away and spend hours playing around, and only sometimes am I really happy with the finished product.

Ok so I'm sorry I couldn't resist but leave you my beauty.  Couldn't ya just kiss those little lips?!

And with her aunties who looked totally rapt in her and sooooo happy it just makes me smile, what a lucky lucky woman am I!!!!!


  1. i am having lavender dreams. you've got such a beautiful family.

    smiling. one love.

  2. they are so beautiful with the beautiful little one.

  3. You just keep talking about her all you want, she is such a precious wee one. your daughters look so happy. hugs to you.

  4. So here are the aunties ... They're beautiful too ! ;o)


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