Monday, August 9, 2010

The Girl is a Fashion Statement What Can I Say....

I know there is probably some protocol in Blogland about posting twice in one day but hey what can you do.  I have been fiddling for hours now with all the pics I have been taking of Elle and I just put together this collage in Picassa.  So I just had to show you a few of the outfits I have bought her in the last few days.  It is soooooooo hard to find anything in 5 0's so these will have to wait until she grows into her skin a little bit, but hey I couldn't resist.  Don't you just love the leopard skin leggings oh my to die for really.  Oh and by the way I have taken some great shots of some daffodils I bought this morning and some lavender I cut the other day so I'll share them tomorrow.

We are taking Elle to the doctors in a little while so I am off to show her off to all and sundry, somebody lock me up really I am a nutter on the loose.  ha ha!!!!! Gotta love being the Nanny.

See ya xx

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