Monday, August 9, 2010

Not Again......

Okay okay, I know this is a bit much but bare with me I am besotted, okay I admit it.  I promise I am going to take my camera and actually shoot something else today, yep really I am.  Well I am going to try anyway.  And I must say little Elle is a catalyst to be creative.  I have my incredible space, which I am still working on getting into shape, to be creative in and for the past 12months I have not felt much like scrapping or making much at all in the way of anything remotely artistic.  But now with this gorgeous little doll here I am just feeling the blood zing in me again. So after my hopefully quick trip into town today I am looking forward to doing something arty in my space.  I have just visited the most incredible blog, Milas Daydreams seriously this is amazing.  What an incredibly talented mum little Mila has.  Don't you just wish you had thought of it, you know anything great and inspiring and wonderful that you find out there in blogville, instead of stumbling across it and wishing you could do that.  I looked at the incredible poses she has put baby Mila in and I thought I can do that with Elle and the more I looked the more I realised nah I probably couldn't and after all be original Kim really.

So for the time being I will just have to bore everyone with more baby shots of Elle eyes closed, yep you have to be quick to get a shot of them open let me tell you.  And try and find something of interest to snap around here.  Don't you just dig the crazy hair, just like Lucas had too.  She is so much like her brother, we laugh.  

I am posting some black & white shots on Flickr if I can ever get the upload to take, my provider service is pretty pathetic to be honest so a quick look in case it never happens.  What else would be on my mind right now but love, love, love.  Yeah for the Beatles they were right all ya need is Love......


  1. Two posts in one day is understandable! Enjoying every moment with you. Let me know how to look at your other photos! She's a delight!!! Also great to hear the healing of your sould and spirit...AMEN

  2. Take your time and enjoy each and every moment!


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