Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Tiny Thief

All I can say is she has stolen my heart.  This tiny bundle just a little over 6pound and the tiniest wee thing ever and I am smitten, actually crazy mad i love with her.

Her tiny little hands and feet.  Her wee eyelashes, and almost invisible eyebrows.  The little bow mouth and sweet little lips, so kissable so innocent.  She is a thief, she is.  All four of us sat today just gazing at her, laughing at every little grimace, every frown, each time her tongue popped out of her mouth.  She stole hours from us, and we didn't care, actually we gave them to her willingly.  We smiled and oohed and aahed, really we were rather silly.  Me the mother of three beautiful girls, what is it with me I've been through this before, it's not like I've never had a baby, for heavens sakes I had twins.  Alicia her mum, she should be tired, she should be nervous and she isn't she is happy to while away hours nursing and gooing like a crazy woman.  Her aunts, not even 21 yet and madly in love with her.  Cameras in hands snapping every move, phones in hands filling the memory with little smiles, well they look like smiles, we know better at this age don't we.  Yep a day gone and who cares.  I loved it, and I'd line up again for another show tomorrow.  The tiny thief has stolen my sanity too.


  1. It sounds to me like things are exactly as they should be!!! Thank you Jesus for this precious little gift of Elle...

  2. she is sooooo beautiful and I am entirely happy for you and the family.


  3. ooh so very beautiful. and i love your new banner too - especially that first shot

  4. Oh I am just so thrilled for you all, I have a feeling you will be giving her many days, how wonderful. My cousin just had a baby girl, I got a picture yesterday, the world is a wonderful place to be when a child is around. I could just give you a hug, all your prayers were answered. hugs, and all the best.

  5. Oh, the sweetest images. Those tiny fingers!

  6. Thank you everyone as you can see by the way she has taken over my blog we are quite smitten.


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