Thursday, June 12, 2014

On The Road Again - London to Paris

We left London this morning from St. Pancras Station and made our way via the TGV to Gare De Nord Paris.  2 hours on the train it was quite comfortable, a small bottle of champagne cost $22gbp because it was champagne, not sparkling wine. The country side rolled past and then throiugh the chunnel and out the other side and Bonjour we were in France.

So was it the easy 5 minute walk from St. Michael station to our apartment, that Alexandre our landlord said it would be, what do you think!!!!!! About 45 mins later we found the apartment and poor Alex had been waiting outside the whole time.  Wrong way Feldsman had done it again.  It is actually 5 mins if you leave the metro from the correct exit, which one is that you ask we still don't know.  So I imagine we will be lost every time we leave the apartment.  Oh and that is a task in itself, we are on the 3rd floor no lift this time and lots and lots of winding stairs. 

Our apartment is amazing huge open space in the living area and a view to Notre Dame yep we see the tower from our living room.
My feet are giving me grief though, I am in serious pain.  Blisters from shoes that I have been wearing for weeks at home no problems, and they have gotten really nasty.  Adrian had to buy me some antiseptic stuff last night and I didn't leave the apartment last night, we ate chinese take away instead of going to one of the dozens of restaurants down stairs.  I am really annoyed by the whole thing.
So as I sit here this morning looking out our window onto Rue Galande I bid you adiou or however you spell it,
Til Tomorrow

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