Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Oh We Had A Lovely Day The Day We Went To Brighton - Day 10 London

 Our last day in London was spent riding the FCC to Brighton for a day at the beach.  I wanted to visit a British beach.  I had seen the pictures of those rocky shore lines and I wanted to see for myself, well it was everything I expected and then some.  I loved it.  I loved Bath a few years back and the Cottswolds and I loved Brighton.  Where the Royals to holiday, she is a little worse for wear now.  The buildings all showing signs of age.  Rusty trails on most of the facades and somehow, everything is just a little tired.  The pier is brilliant, the music from yesteryear playing as you walk along it.  Oh and those rocks well take a look for yourself.
There is no such thing as a quiet moment on the beach, the noise is amazing, these rocks crunch together and seriously you could turn an ankle walking along this shoreline.  Ha ha it was a hard slog just walking the little bit we did.
Maybe that's why they hire out these gorgeous deck chairs at $2 a pop.
I love the way in England they leave the old buildings, it really is a trip back in time.
Our hopeless attempt at a selfie.

The Royal Pavillion is rather beautiful, a strange mix of Indian architecture in the midst of the old English surrounds.  The grounds are beautiful and very busy in the summer.  I will say I have never seen such blatant displays of public sleeping as I have here.  In the parks, on the buses and in the tubes, people just sleep.  Me oh my goodness, I hate sleeping in public, even in front of family, the mouth flops open the soft puffs of air come out and everyone is laughing their heads off.  But not here, I have nearly tripped over young men fast asleep in their suits at lunch time, sprawled out in the sunshine on the grass.  It amazes me.

And every park is overflowing with people sitting on the grass, summer is much loved in England.
So this morning as I sit about to get ready to head off to Paris what are my travel tips for a week in London.
1.  Wear in every pair of shoes you are going to bring my feet have been a major hassle this week.
2.  Definitely catch the underground from Heathrow for $3 or $4 gbp its the cheapest way from the airport to town.
3.  Try the buses instead of the tube, you see so much more and one day just hop on one and go to the end of the line.  
4.  Get of said bus once you hit the traffic, that's when the tube saves time.
5.  Read the signs for the tubes, some stops aren't always accessible they are doing a lot of maintenance and you will be backtracking and swapping trains a lot if you don't.  Been there done that, got the I am lost on the tube t shirt.
6.  Eat at Steak & Co in Leicester Square it's brilliant.
7.  Bring a brolly, you never know when it is going to rain and those brolly's cost a fortune when it does.
8.  Do the boat ride to Greenwich, it's fun.  
9.  Have a blast
Till tomorrow.


  1. so glad you are blogging again. looks l ike you are having a wonderful time. sending you a big hug.

    1. Cindy yes its been a long time between posts. I am busy at home and not mush happens so blogging has been left to the side. Nice to hear from you though. I hope you are well.


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