Tuesday, June 10, 2014

London Day 9 - Abbey Road and Portobello Market

 Today we set out for Abbey Road, we thought we would all go together, but the girls are meeting Ben a friend from their first time in England.  So Adrian and I headed out and I was surprised how busy this spot is.  When we first arrived we were about the only one there, a few minutes later a tour came and OMG people are so bloody rude.  Tourists seem to think they can just ignore any laws that are set so they can get a freakin picture seriously!!!! Get a grip people!@!  The picture above is one with the least traffice being held up so dozens of people can get their bloody photo taken crossing a zebra crossing.  Rude Rude Rude and who are most of them Italian and Americans of course!
 Adrian did his walk of fame, but did not disrupt the traffic TRULY!!!!
When we travel I try and consider the locals who live there and have to put up with us visitors on a daily basis.  The tourists I saw today were disgraceful, standing in the middle of the road just to get a picture that they think looks like a picture taken many years ago, to me it's just plain rude.

I have to add this pic of the Ginstitute, just for you Laura.

Next on to Portobello Road, which today is approachable.  On Saturdays, you can not swing a cat here, been there done that, not going back for more.  Today Monday it was nice to stroll down the streets, see the stores, see the wares and enjoy the lovely setting.

Lots of nice things to look at, buy or pass by.
Then with very weary bodies and very tired feet, we headed to the wine bar at the end of our street,  Gordon's Wine bar is apparently the oldest wine bar/cave in London. 
There are older pubs but Gordon's sells only wines and fortified wines/ports.  It sits along side the Victoria Embankment Gardens. 

A cold glass of Fat bastard and some nice cheese.
Till Tomorrow

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