Monday, June 9, 2014

Greenwich the time is right London Day 8

 Day 8 and we went our seperate ways, the girls didn't want to take the boat up the river to Greenwich, boat rides are boring, the river is boring, I hate to admit the little ferry we took to Camden Town was a bit dull.  A huge contrast to the City Cruise boat we took to Greenwich today.  The captain does a commentary as you glide up the Thames and it is wonderful.  From the river the Houses of Parliament look prettier than ever.
What's this strange picture of you ask, well tucked in behind this clump of trees is our street, really a few minutes to the river.  York Buildings is the name of the street and Carlton Mansions is the building name.

 The Cutty Sark sits on the bank at Greenwich, did you know she finished her days sailing wool to Australia?
The parks in London are beautiful, we have beautiful parks back home, but we don't use them kike the Brits do here.  Every park is brimming with people, families enjoying the day out and the incredible weather.  People sleep on the grass, back home you'd be woken up and probably chucked in the clink ha ha.  We wandered around Greenwich, had some Mexican for lunch and an icy Margarita to end with.  Another nice boat ride home, with a real comedian giving the run down and some home made Spag Bol for dinner.  The girls staggered in with some Prosecco ate and went out again.  London from a different perspective I guess.
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