Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 7 Rainy day blisters and Dans Le Noir

Today brought rain and blisters.  We headed out early to see the parade which is the second practice run for the Queens Birthday parade next weekend. Didn't know we needed tickets did we, so it started raining and we were hiding under a tunnel waiting for it to stop.  The purchase of 2 umbrellas later and $16 quid, yep $32 AU for umbrellas didn't exactly put a smile on our faces, especially as there were 2 perfectly good brollies back in the apartment.  Oh and for good meaure add in another $4quid for Danielles brolly too, expensive day for umbrellas.
Tip 1 take a brolly if there are clouds in the sky ALWAYS

Tip 2 Don't believe those shoes you paid $250 for will not give you blisters when you walk for 3 hours in them  They probably will!!!!!!!!
So blistered up, calves aching, and totally exhausted after wandering from Buckingham Palace to home I needed sleep.  Tonight we were heading out to Clerkenwell for the Dans Le Noir.

I have to say this was the most incredible experience ever.
We of course went to the wrong street, instead of Green, oh well we have come to expect chaos and confusion when we head out on our daily trips.  Eventually we got to the restaurant and were welcomed.  
We had to choose from either a fish/seafood, meat, vegetarian or surprise menu.  We all chose the 3 course meat menu.  Then you are led by a blind waiter into a pitch black room.  We had a share table, which meant that next to us at a long table sat another group of 4.  So we are sat down and the adventure begins.  This is seriously black, like in a cave under the ground, no light at all.  Your eyes do not become accustomed to the light, there is none.  The waiter brings the first course, you fumble around for your cutlery and try to find something on the plate to stab with your fork.  When you do find something and you start jabbing it seems to move on the plate.  Suddenly it isn't where it was a minute ago.  You start to think should I use my fingers????
How do you know when the plate is empty, you use your hands of course.  I hope they have some sort of camera hidden away, that would make the best funniest videos ever.
Main comes and once again you firstly have no idea what it is and secondly you now have to find it on the plate.  By the time I had finished my plate, everything was mooshed together.  I could taste, rice, I thought maybe a rissotto, I could taste mushrooms and some steak, and some cinnamon or other spice.  It was delicious, but confusing.  
Desert was next and yes we used our fingers.  It was so yummy, and we knew we had jelly on that plate somewhere, it was like a guessing game.  Where did you say that jelly was Ash, on the bottom left hand side, ahh not on my plate.  Then there is the trick of pouring the wine and water in the dark.  Everyone had a finger stuck in their drink ha ha. It was an amazing experience and it really brought home to all of us just how difficult it is to not be able to see.  How awkard it is to eat out without sight.  If you ever get to experience a Dans Le Noir restaurant it is well worth it.  

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