Sunday, June 8, 2014

London Day 6 - Cruise to Camden and Jack the Ripper Tour

Day 6 began with a walk to Piccadilly to catch the bus to Warwick Ave to take the London Water bus to Camden Town.  Not exactly what we thought it would be, it would have been better to take a ferry with commentary, but then again there wasn't that much to comment on either.  The Camden Horse Stable markets were chockers as usual and I love the diversity of the place.
We had a drink at the Worlds End Pub, we had seen it 4 years ago, but hadn't gone in so it was the reason we went this time, that and the movie that was out recently.  Another disappointment, ha ha.  So back to Leicester Square and lunch at the Brewmaster.

An interesting platter of bar snacks for me.  Unfortunately the honey glazed pork scratchings were chewy to the max haha!!
But the pork scotch egg was yum and the pork pie delish.

Jack the Ripper London Walk to end the day, and it was interesting, but we didn't actually go to many of the sites of the murders, I know I am a bit gruesome, ending in Spitalfiefds markets, we headed to Brick Lane for some of that famous Indian food.  The restaurant was packed and we ate Bangladeshian Indian, it did taste different to what we get at home.  Had a great night, fell into bed exhausted.
Till tomorrow

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