Friday, June 6, 2014

London Day 5 - They have arrived

The plan was delayed for 2 hours on the tarmac, but they made up time and finally the girls have arrived from Canada via Seattle.  They have regaled us with tales of ski jumps, and being hit by a ski lift chair, more tales of bears, black and brown and grizzly.  I don't think they will be home anytime soon, the world is too small a place these days, it's so easy to get from here to there and there is so much to see.  
So after a quick shower, we all headed out for dinner.  We had a drink at the Porcupine, as you do in London, I love the names of the pubs here.  Then dinner in China Town at the Young Cheng Restaurant.  It was pretty good, we were all very hungry.  The waitress did her best to impress Adrian, and called me honey, it was a laugh.  Plans for day 6 for us are to wander around South Bank, and then tonight do the Knightsbridge Pubs walk.  Knightsbridge is where Harrods is located and this London Walk takes in some of the back lanes that we would probably never find ourselves.  It's quite an upmarket area so it should be interesting.
We are on our second $20 load of the oyster card, and we've been taking the buses a lot more this time round.  There is so much more to see that way, but the traffic is horrendous and it can take ages to get anywhere.
  This is a dutch themed cottage in Green Park, just near the original entrance to Buckinham Palace.  I just had to get a little shot of it, the other day when we were catching up with Lizzie.  Everything is so quaint, old, pretty, English.
Till tomorrow

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