Thursday, June 5, 2014

I Saw The Queen - Day 4 London

 Today we got to see the Queen.  She came to open Parliament and the ceremony was fantastic.  We literally were in the front row, I expected it would be packed but no, it was a bit rainy this morning and I think that may have scared some people off.  The locals are probably sick to death of the road closures and traffic disruptions, me well I was beside myself.  I loved it.  
The streets are lined with flags, I love flags did I mention that?
The horses, the brass bands, the grenediers, the soldiers, police so exciting.
Then off to Brick Lane, we nearly booked an apartment in that area.  So glad we didn't, it's too out of the way for our needs this trip. But the street art is great.

We stumbled upon this laneway and a school group was there, so my ears pricked and apparently this woman was painted by a guy from Melbourne.  I really love grafitti.

We had a quick spin through the Spitalfields Markets, had dinner at an old pub called The Gun. We stood beside 2 other Aussie couples watching the parade and there was another Aussie couple in the pub.  Seriously is there anyone left in Australia.
So far we have used $20 on our tube and bus tickets, I have an enormous on my little toe, I found out the Retro Bar up the street is a gay bar, they had the coolest looking Drag Queen in there last night, I have to go check it out sometime.  So many people here smoke and there is gum all over the footpaths, so much gum.  The girls arrive tomorrow, pretty excited about that.
Oh and squirrels, it's a dead giveaway we are tourists when I get so excited about taking a picture of a squirrel.
 Parades, flags, an old pub, and squirrels, it just doesn't get any better than this ha ha.  Until tomorrow.

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