Wednesday, June 4, 2014

London Day 3 - Acton Green on a rainy day

So today no photo for the blog, simply because the internet at the apartment is playing up an I have the only pic I took today on my tiny lap top and not my I Pad.  I guess I could take a picture of the blister on my little toe, would you like that?  Nah let's not hey!
It was raining this morning, so we skipped our meeting with Liz, and took a stroll to the SNCF office to get new tickets from Amiens to home later this month.
We hopped on the 94 bus, finally we have mastered the bus system over here. Oh for a system like they have here at home really, the best transport system ever.  Even with the delays, breakdowns,closures and the bloody, bloody traffic it is better than the non existent system we have at home.
For $1.45 we went from Regent Street near Picadilly all the way to Acton Green, about  an hour I guess. In the traffic in the city it was frustrating. It it was so nice to sit on the upper level of the bus at the very front and just watch the suburbs change.  Like our very own private tour.
We ended up in Covent Garden for lunch and I found a beautiful pressie for Elle, surprise!!
Lunch of chorizo and pork ragu and a glass of Merlot ended the day. 
We missed the London Walk we wanted to take due to the traffic, no problems. And I'm looking forward to a long hot bath. 

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