Tuesday, June 3, 2014

London Day 2 - Tower of London, Harrods and yes we walked

Today we planned to change our tickets with SNCF to Amiens and return to CDG airport, it wasn't to be.  Oh well plans are made to be changed aren't they?  One piece of advice if you are travelling to London, be prepared to have the best plans that involve travel on the Tube to changed at a finger snap.  This morning we had planned to go to Tower Hill station from Knightsbridge and oops the bloody signals are out so that flew out the bloody window.  We had been to Harrods to buy the baby angels a few little bits and bobs and that wasn't to be either.  We did stumble upon Sloane Square and we wandered round Belgrave.  Ha ha Chelsea, quite a nice area actually.  I love these little parks, commons whatever they are called that are little bits of peace and quiet in the midst of the hustle and bustle.  Did you see Notting Hill?  Do you remember the little park that Hugh scaled the fence to get into?  That's what I like, they are all around the place.  Really lovely.

I love the London skyline, it's cloudy today and it suits my thoughts of London, I love the old and then the new, side by side.
See the Shard, and right beside the towers of the Tower of London.
The Tower Bridge.  I believe that people still live in the Bridge, does anyone know otherwise?
St. Katherine's Docks, beside the Tower Bridge, a lovely place for lunch.  I was hungry, my feet were tired and sore.  I really needed a nice drink and some nice food. 
The Slug and Lettuce won us over.  50% off on Mondays, some nice outdoor seating, a lovely bottle of Italian Prosseco and I was happy.  The battered fish was a little tasteless and we found this same thingl ast time we were here in 2010.  I think we are very spoilt in Australia, the best seafood ever at our doorstep.
London traffic amazes me!  As we sat waiting for a bus, the Number 15 from Trafalgar to Tower Bridge I noticed a truck driver eating a curry with a fork while driving. Another texting on his phone with both hands, who was driving that car?  A truck driver abusing an office worker while driving through a red light ha ha!! No one worries about the green and red stop go men on the lights, it's like there is a break in the traffic EVERYONE RUN!!!!   Ha ha  we'd all be locked up at home for J walking love it!!!  
Tomorrow we have a new plan of attack, wake up, walk in the quiet time before the workers appear and home for brekky.  Planning some more good things and then the girls come.  I cannot wait. 


  1. Love your photos!!! Have a wonderful time. I am off the grid most of the time right now as we are on a road trip but I love to see this when I have Wi-Fi!!! xo

    1. Hey Sharon, I love checking out your pics and posts to when you travel. Love lots


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