Monday, June 2, 2014

London Day 1 Part 2 - Little Venice

Little Venice, named for the architecture that is found here, and of course for the canal system.  Absolutely gorgeous, a leafy very upmarket area, once housed the major red light district, now houses here sell for the millions in fact about 2 years ago a 7 bedroom, 7 bathroom home here sold for wait for it $28 million.  Yep, in in this area you are rubbing shoulders with everyone, from Sid Viscous to Lu Lu, Richard Branson started his business here from a large grey house boat that is still moored here and is now where his son sometimes stays. What a lovely walk to take, London Walks the company we did this walk with does some really great walks round London.  For $9GBP you get an amazing guide and 1.5 hours of walking fun.  I really recommend this company we have done several walks with them now and have loved each one.  We had a drink and something to eat at Gordon's Wine Bar which is the bar that was filled to over flowing when we arrived.  Must be the place to be seen, seats were a hot commodity,the food ordinary and the wine delish.  Sat next to some East Londoners showing their American friends around.  Sad to say they are not happy with the amount of immigration happening here in London.  I guess there is this narrow mindedness everywhere.  I must say I was surprised by the number of Middle Eastern people who must hold UK/EU passports at that airport, they were going through the UK/EU passport gates, hundreds of them.  The world is really a very small place now.  There is good and bad in that I guess.
So today it is raining (it's day 2 and I am doing an early morning Blog catch up), we are off to Harrods to spoil our baby girls, and then a wander round Soho, Mayfair wherever really.  Think of my feet won't you.

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