Sunday, June 1, 2014

Day 1 - London Calling

Finally we arrived, exhausted after nearly 36 hours of travel time. This is our apartment for the next 11 days.  Talk about location, location, location.  Directly across the road from us is a bar and grill that was heaving when we arrived with 2 suitcases and a carry on dragging behind us yesterday arvo.  I just wanted, bed, wine, food, bed, bed and here were all these 20 somethings partying on like no ones business. Made me feel oh so old. Anyway we will hit that place at some point belive me.  All I could think was the girls are going to love this area.  We are on the third floor of the Carlton Mansions in the York Buildings, right across the road almost from Charring Cross Station love London really I do.
We woke this morning to the sound of some young kids carrying on in the street, it was 4.30am, I was wide awake, that's jet lag for you.  
So by 6 am we were up and wandering along the Thames.  This is about a 4 min stroll from our door.  
This also along the river, obviously they live large in London on Saturday nights.  We took a bus to Kensington, of course we got off a mile from where we wanted to be, which was the Kensington High Street, so we roamed again, half the fun really.  We were heading for the Whole Foods Market in the high street.  Ended up in Kengsinton Gardens, didn't see Will, Kate or baby George, it was early Sunday morning though, maybe another time.  Oh and just a note Sunday trading in London is dreadful.  The Whole Foods store and most others don't open till 12 noon, I though Australia was backwards, go figure.

Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace  are a stones throw away and it is the Queens Birthday celebrations in 2 weeks so the flags are out and ready.  This afternoon we are off to London's Little Venice, right now resting my weary feet.  I have heard a few more British accents this time round, but there are so many languages to be heard here.  So many different skins, so many people, buses, cars, you know you are alive when you are in London.

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  1. Love it! Can't wait to see you and drink wine with you!


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