Friday, June 13, 2014

Parisian Life - Day 1 in Pari

Day one of our time in Paris found us wandering around from shoe store to shoe store trying to find Birkenstocks, I thought this would be the solution to my blister problem. We went to the address that was supposed to stock Birks and no they didn't, it was a rather classy men's store, so we went from store to store until I found what hopefully will be a more comfortable pair of shoes.  Then over the Pont de L'Archeveche for a look at all the love locks, OMG there are thousands of them.  And recently one of the panels on one of the bridges was so weighted down it fell off into the Seine River.

There is a lot of talk at the moment about whether this tradition should be allowed to continue, honestly I just think it looks tacky and I think once again for the locals, it must be so annoying that tourists come through and continue to add to this mess.  Anyway lets see how things go.
Walking to the Jewish Deportation Site behind the Notre Dame there is a splash of colour and a little touch of nature.
Notre Dame of course is still beautiful, and it is surprisingly quiet in this part of the city at the moment. 
Last night the girls and I had dinner, and walked over to the Notre Dame very late, we sat and talked and watched rats, yep rats, bloody big ones scurry across the pathways.  Eeeww!!!!! The would run out to the puddle in the middle of the paths, have a drink and scurry back.  Obvious to me now why the made the film Ratatouille be set in Paris, there really is a world of rats out there.

We had a nice catch up with 2 friends from Boise Idaho yesterday afternoon. A few drinks and some market food, we have mad plans to cook a meal together the night before Ash and Nelly leave to go home.
Till Tomorrow

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