Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Heart Connection

It is time to join in with Kat's Heart Connection group.  And this month I offer this photograph.  How could my heart not be connected to her.  Really she is the angel of my life, I simply adore her, nothing more to say.  My grand daughter Elle has starred in more than one post on my blog, I am captivated by her.  And as she grows up so quickly I want to capture all those precious moments.  The grins, the giggles, and the beautiful smiles she gives us.  Her hair is growing, her teeth are nearly all in and she is enjoying life.  Being a nanny is the best thing ever, I cannot imagine not having her around now.  I wonder if when she is a teenager or a young adult she will spend time with me,  I hope she does but I see with my own girls how life takes over and they seem to see their nan less than when they were younger.  I hope that I can stay relevant in her life, I hope I can comfort her, advise her, have fun with her.  I want to buy her her first camera and help her create her first mixed media canvas.  I want to bake cupcakes with her, and teach her to swim.  I hope I have several grand babies to lavish my love on, a whole little tribe would be wonderful actually.  My twin daughters though have the travel bug so I don't see any little bundles of joy coming from them any time soon, so for now I will give my whole heart to Elle.


  1. What a sweet little granddaughter! You have captured a very special moment of joy. Enjoy every single instant as if there were no other!
    The special connection we feel with our grandchildren is a heartfelt one indeed. It is a gift!

  2. Oh, so lovely! Her joy comes through in the photo, and your love of her too. I love what you write about your wishes. I imagine if you are there and as engaged with her as you are now, you will always have a place in her live. She is lucky to have you as a nanny! I'm so glad to see this in the Photo-Heart Connection.

  3. "...for now I will give my whole heart to Elle" - how could you not? She is beautiful, so full of life and joy and promise. I know you'll always have a special place in her heart and life.

  4. She's such a lucky little girl to have such an amazing grandmother in her life.

  5. As a grandmother myself I really understand your connection here! When you said "I hope I can stay relevant in her life..." that really touched a cord for me. I have that same thought of my grandson and even of my own children.

    Elle is a lovely child! Enjoy!


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