Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Little Bit of This and That

 I love bon fires, big raging fires, so this Easter weekend we had lots of twigs and sticks from the garden clean up and we had heaps of cardboard from the kitchen install to get rid of.  What better way than a bon fire.

 I love these photos of the girls waving a smouldering stick in the air, so much fun I can have with my camera.
Looking back up at the house, the yard has changed so much since we moved here Easter 2 years ago.  We have removed fences and a huge carpet of burs and prickles.  We have mowed and nurtured and planted trees and it is pay off time.  I love the rolling of the ground.
 Isn't this time of the afternoon wonderful, the greens look so lush and that little starburst through the trees, wonderful.
Tammy and Baz were at the bon fire with us.  He is the tattooed man from Wales and he and Tam are staying with Ashleigh and Danielle for a while.  I love having all these young people around so interesting.  Baz has been in the Welsh army and served in Afghanistan and Iraq and several other places around the world.  You just can't judge a book by it's very illustrated cover.
Oh and the Little Princess came for a sleep over and we played with play dough, yes we did for hours and hours......and hours!!!!

 It was so lovely seeing her so enthralled with the dough and the cutters and it was lovely sitting in the sunshine on the back deck.

 Of course Elle helped in the yard as well, watering some newly planted trees.

The beginning of the new kitchen installation and today finally after waiting over Easter the stone benchtop is due to be installed.  I cannot wait for this to be finished.  Seriously don't know how people live in the midst of renovating for months.  Just this last week or so washing up in the laundry tub has been annoying.  I am not a camper so do not like the mess of living like this.  But I do know it will be worth it, already it is better with so much more light in the room.  The finished product to come.


  1. Your yard is AMAZING! What a wonderful place to have for your family to gather.

  2. Oh, your place looks so beautiful!!! I didn't realize that you just moved there a couple of years ago. How wonderful. And that die for!!! You are so creative with that camera, Kim!


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