Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Kitchen Reno

We are taking out our old kitchen and having a new one installed and I am very excited i must say.
While the old kitchen structurally was fine, I just found the practicality of it impossible, well that's probably a little exagerated.  But the high cupboards to me are a waste.  I am all of 5 feet tall and the lower cupboards that extend up into the corners are just as useless.
A timber look, while I don't hate it is not really my thing, so all in all I really wanted to change it up a bit.  I am having a white with little silver fleck stone bench top and matt white two pack cupboards.  
This cupboard over the fridge doesn't even open the doors hit the top of the fridge, which by the way we bought with the house.  Our fridge was way too big and the girls have it now.  We are getting a new fridge though, to match the freezer that will stand beside it in the new kitchen layout.
 I do regret that we will lose this opening into the lounge room.  It's so handy for passing food and drinks through.  But the new layout will have the range hood and bench top cook plates here.  

This bench will go too, the new bench has no wall like this to hide the work area.  It will open the room up so much.

 So we began the demolition process yesterday morning and had it out by lunch time, a great days effort.

If it looks like a disaster zone it probably is, ha ha I was so pleased with my ability to help Adrian with the removal.  Unscrewing the cabinets and carrying the sections to the shed.  We may put the old kitchen in the granny flat which at the moment is my art studio.  Anyway we are well under way now and this morning we will take up the tiles we need to remove for the new cabinets to go in.  Right now there is a lot of dust beyond this office door and a lot of banging going on, I best go help out I think.
Can't wait for the new kitchen to be ready.


  1. Oh exciting! We did ours last Sept and it has changed our lives! We pulled down a wall andit is all open. Love it. I have cupboards to the ceiling! I put things we don't use much. I love the extra storage...I don't mind using a stepladder occasionally.
    Good luck with it all.

  2. Congratulations!! Can't wait to see photos of the new kitchen!

  3. It's never fun going thru it..but the end-result will be well-worthwhile. Kind of like childbirth -y'know?? Enjoy the process (and the project)!

  4. Can't wait to see it! I agree about those high cabinets. I have them too and must keep a stepping stool close by at all times because I can't reach anything without it!

  5. How exciting! It'll be so fun to have a kitchen designed just the way you want it. I can't wait to see it.


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