Saturday, March 31, 2012

My First Show

Hey there everyone I know it's been ages, but between me and nanny we have both been sick for ages.  Anyway today we felt a bit better and we went to the Royal Toowoomba Show, this was my first time at the show and I kinda liked it actually.  You know they have these really cool clown heads that go back and forward and I got to put these balls in there mouths and I won a dolly and a bottle of bubbles.
This is my first ever prize from the show and mummy bought me a show bag too, so that was cool.
Then I got to go on these really cool bumpy cars and Daddy drove pretty fast and banged into all the other cars, I didn't think you were meant to do that when you drove but Daddy did it anyway and no police came or anything so that was good too.  I was a bit scared at first but I like fast things so it was fun.
We went to the baby animal place too and I found some really tiny baby lambs and goats having a sleep under the trough, they wouldn't come out though and I think pop might of kneeled in goat poo poo too ha ha.
I really wanted this bike with the big butted mouse on it but no way could I win that.
I liked all these duckies too, but I wasn't allowed to take one, don't know why I think it would of been fun to have in my bath tub.
But I loved the funny clowns, you know my mummy is really scared of clowns, I don't know why.  They are pretty silly, they eat these balls and then the balls fall straight out of them, how could you be scared of that?
I like their funny faces and the pretty colours.
I didn't get to go on this though, but I heard nanny and poppy saying how much it had changed since they went on one last.  The Ferris Wheel used to be just a seat and a chain now that would be fun and scary.  Okay I'm off to bed now, I am tired after my big day at the show.  Until next time love ya

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