Monday, February 13, 2012

A Visit from the Princess

Mummy was getting her hair done on Saturday so I came to visit Nan & Pop.  I had a new dress and a really cute head band to wear, Nanny must of loved it cause she just kept trying to get photos of me and she was smiling all the time.  
But as the day went on it got really hot so I stripped down to my nappy and did a bit of housework for Nan.
Then we went down to the pool.  I love the water, but it makes me walk funny.  I kind of walk along lifting my knees, must look funny cause Nan laughed all the time.  And hey look at Pop, so much hair on his legs and some white spots, not brown ones like I have.  Pop's are little paint splatters ha ha that's funny.
I like splashing my toes in the water.
Nanny said my name and I saw the camera this is the result.  
I'm not a show off, no I'm not.
Well I'm off to childcare today and then dancing with Nan on Wednesday so see you later alligators.  I love summer days at the pool with Nanny and Pop.



  1. Ahh, summer days at the pool! It never got above 19 degrees F here today.

  2. The polka dot tights w/ the stripes:) She is a little Princess ~ ..I was with 4 little boys today ..and one sweet girl(10) that would spoil her to bits:)

  3. Such a nice visit from the Princess. she looked so cute in her little outfit. Was Nan dipping her feet in the pool too. hugs dear friend.

  4. How wonderful to have this precious little one in your life. Happy Valentine's Day!


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