Thursday, February 16, 2012

The American Invasion

In 2008 Ashleigh and Danielle travelled to Maryland in the US to work as camp counsellors at a summer camp.  They had the most amazing time and met the young lady in the photo above. Bre, was there main American counterpart, getting up to lots of mischief, for the 9 weeks stay.  Now Bre is visiting the girls here in Australia.
Unfortunately the girls are working during the week, though in a weeks time they are all heading of to Noumea on a cruise.  Much fun will be had I'm sure.  Anyway I took Bre and Tammy another friend who was also in the states, but who lived in Australia and is now living in Toowoomba, wow what a mouthful, to our local Cobb & Co museum.  Bre has been looking forward to cuddling a koala and well if a live specimen isn't available this will do.  EEww!!!!! I couldn't even touch the skin yukky!!!
It's a real hands on museum and I think the girls enjoyed it.  So today we are off to Brisbane, the capital of Queensland and about a 2 hour drive from here.  The weather looks great, it will be hot actually and I'm really hoping they enjoy themselves, I like being the tour guide,  Takes me back to when I had time with all my babies, not that the girls are babies but you get what I mean.  Time out with gorgeous young ladies, so much fun watching them.  So hopefully some great pics coming later.  Have a good one okay.

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